Monday, November 14, 2016

The Election Con Game: Everyone Loses.

It's Monday after the election and everyone got played.
The level of playing indicated a game plan that was created well in advance of the event knowing the outcome of the event was not relevant to the agenda of the controllers. In other words, it didn't matter who won, the outcome would have been the same because winning was not the objective. Few things that have happened since Tuesday last week show any indication of spontaneity. The triggers were sitting there just waiting for someone to pull them. They were set up a year in advance and emphasized at every opportunity by both parties.
The first trigger was “White People”. White is the new Black.
Trump won because of “White People”. Let us all forget the Black People like Alan West who endorsed him, embraced him and kissed his bottom.
But on the other hand, Clinton won the popular vote because of “White People”. Wow, those White People sure do get around. The Democrats are no longer are a party of the middle class working person and who is that person? That person is majorly WHITE. The reason behind this is because Hispanics are classified as White in most every poll, but no one is looking at that because “WHITE PEOPLE” are responsible for everything. White is the new black, the new Muslim, the new everyone.
There are a couple of simple facts. The people in power are in the majority WHITE. They haven't done enough to help any minority including the WHITE peasants. On the flip side, you are not achieving anything demonizing the minority WHITE who has put them into office because there was no one running against them. And when there is, you have your Alan Wests, Sylvia P's and the rest.
You don't know Sylvia but I do, well. At a city government meeting she was pushing for using a million dollars for some artwork for the tiny government plaza while the roads in her district were not even paved and that was just the most obvious problem. The money was left over from another project. And yet, she even made it to the county commission where she complained she couldn't live on the 100,000.00 + salary for the part time job and finally left after managing to get a huge raise for everyone on the commission. How did she get there? Black people and White people feeling guilty voted for her. Guilt is a really manipulative emotion. Who did she benefit? Why that would be the local 1%.
So WHITE becomes the trigger equal to a dozen slurs used against a dozen races. Whites don't get to wear a safety pin to make them feel better. And the people jumping on that band wagon were few.
So let's look at that propaganda effort in detail.
The safety pin indicates a safe person you can turn to for help and support when you are being bullied by a bigot. It is that simple. You could be anyone and the person with the safety pin can be anyone. So, why is it making a WHITE person feel better when everyone is who will help is wearing one?
Logically, it doesn't but if SOMEONE can discredit the safety pin movement which makes it obvious that the number of caring, non-discriminating people are in the majority in just about every situation, then the bigots win the popularity contest without the numbers. Without identification everyone who is white, black, Muslim, wearing a Pentagram or has straight hair is the enemy. With identification the bully becomes the minority. They crawl back into the minority bully category. When the local church members don't have those safety pins on, it says something their leaders do not want you to see. Suddenly you start wondering if they are part of the problem and since if they are not a safe refuge, what are they?
And so we come to the next set of MEME's, the riots. Since the 50's a lot of research has been done on riots. Normally they start with a protest that is very emotional. Then all it takes is a few people to start throwing something and it becomes contagious because of the repressed emotions in the group. It is suddenly okay to express your base emotions that normally you would never do. The trigger was a video of a guy beating up a plain bench with a baseball bat. Notice I said plain. It had no sign. It has no significance. Why is he attacking a bench? At first the people around him are thinking the same thing. You can see the puzzled looks. He is attacking it because it has no significance and hence you, the viewer, fill in the blank as to what it represents. After failing to dent the bench, which is designed to withstand that kind of abuse, he moves on to an electrical box.
Most people in their right minds are not going to smash an electrical box because they know they may get electrocuted. Now you have to ask yourself were they now cheering him on because of what he was doing or hoping he electrocutes himself. You have sparks and people love sparks, fireworks and fires. They are Patriotic. How do we celebrate national holidays? We do it with bonfires and fireworks and lots of noise. However, why does he start with a bench? Because the bench can be anything. The bench represents Trump, blacks, whites, Soros and aliens from Mars.
What started the riots? They were expected. They were threatened for months. It's called a self-fulfilling prophecy. You thought it would be one side, but all the propaganda said it would be the LOSING side. What triggered them? It was a phrase that is deeply ingrained in every person's psyche from a child up. It is a trigger phrase that makes everyone angry and hurt. “Quit your whining, you (fill in the blank with a verb or noun).” Get in a group of protesters for peace, say that and watch the riot start.
You have to have several people to instigate a riot because one person will just be calmed and isolated by the rest. You need one hurt person, preferably hysterical so you can't really understand them and will project your hurt onto them, at least two supporters of that person to be comforting, drawing attention to them and protecting them from the other protesters and the fourth to rally support. Then you need a fifth person to start the violence. I just told you how they work. Pay attention and I will tell you how other things work. I've read the manuals.
Then out comes two types of MEME, the insidious and the blatant. Who do the people who are now ashamed of their actions blame since they can't figure out what happened to them? Blatantly, everyone is blaming Soros, a champion of liberal causes who donates pretty indiscriminately. Now if someone can get the Liberals to pick up that banner, they can cut the funding from many liberal causes. They can kill the more moderate wing of the liberals. So where does this idea of biting the hand that has been feeding you come from originally.
It comes from a series of Right Wing Conspiracy Site's MEME's that are associated with a new Trump appointee, which claim the father of a cop shot in Texas during a Black Lives Matter march is suing Soros for inciting the “riot” that never happened. The cop was shot by a veteran of Afghanistan that flipped out and start aiming for white copes. Black Lives Matter protesters were in the kill zone and the cops were trying to get them out of the way. The sniper was not part of the protest.
But facts don't matter when your goal is tp nail three groups, Black Lives Matter, Move On and All Liberals. And they did a really good job because now they even have the KKK, Neo-Nazis and every bigot on their side along with the more left leaning Liberals now in the majority.
So now we are going to morph from the Right Wing Conspiracy site to the more benign looking Christian site that can be so very offended by the pre-planned riots. They are the voice of reason. This gets interesting because the rioters are being portrayed as White Clinton Supporters. So the MEME shows Rosa Parks on a bus and says; Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, she didn't trash the bus. Rosa isn't white. It takes more than one person to riot. Rosa is sitting on a bus on a BENCH seat. See how your subconscious will connect the dots? So what is the MEME saying? It is saying, “sit down and shut up. You got all you are getting.” Subtle, isn't it?
This is not the work of some hack. Everyone of these articles and MEMEs are connected so they build on each other. This convinces you everyone is thinking the same things. They are not the work of unrelated individuals. They are the work of a single source outsourcing actions. These articles and MEME's are the work of professionals with a lot of training in psychology, brainwashing and crowd control.
The people who fit that profile are the Christian Fundamentalist Right. They use all three methods to control their population and brainwash them into not questioning anything they tell them to do. They even publish books for their leaders (ministers) to use on how to use sex to recruit and control male members, how to use witnessing to get people to commit to the “Church”, and the all important one, how to fund raise until your members are financially depend on the “Church”. I know, I have read them. They are black covered hardbacks with no title or something benign like Minister's Guide to Administration, 4 x 5, 1/2 inch thick little books that neatly fit in your back pocket and no one else would even open because they sound boring and non-religious often kept on the top shelf of the storeroom with the hymnals out of reach of everyone but the Druid hiding on the filing cabinet so her husband and his buddy don't lose the job they are doing. They are created by the very people who created Trump, Cruz, Rubio and the rest that you shake your heads and wonder how they get elected.
These MEMEs are distributed and hence designed by the radical Christian Right which like Isil and the rest of the fanatics, appeal to disenfranchised, perceived as bullied, doesn't fit in, unpopular people with self esteem issues making them want to punish and be superior to everyone around them that they think has hurt and underestimated them. Of course they would know how to appeal to a losing side, they are losers to begin with and they know what appeals to them. They are excellent foils. They are expendable. They are easily replaced. There are dozens of them to be found in predictable places,
Now do you see how you are being played and who the real players are? They are neither side. They are playing both sides. One side wants jobs, homes, prosperity, safety and the freedom to be themselves. Do you know which one that is? It fits both sides because that is what everyone wants.
Do you know what the con men running this want? They want to punish both sides for rejecting them as the superior man. They want to destroy both sides, subjugate both sides and become the supreme ruler of both sides.
They are doing a darned good job just by moving the money over to themselves. They use charismatic actors that are socially inept in normal romantic situations, predominantly males, with unpopular sexual mores they promise to fulfill if not glorify to lead the “faithful”.
Now, that we know the real puppeteers, let's come up with a test for them.
Does the “church” or group improve the neighborhood they are in or do they spend their time and monies collected to gather more followers and more money? Even a soup kitchen can be used this way. It is nothing more than a recruiting tool. Is the majority of money spent on the “cause” and the making the leaders more appealing with nice clothes, cars and houses? Is the “cause” more concerned with outward appearances (building, religious signs, dress) than with the actual “cause”? Is any question met with standard responses verses answers with backup reasons. Can the “cause” pass a rational reasoning test without resorting to “God told me” or “God Promised Me”? Does the “cause” help anyone outside of the “cause”? Are you permitted to have a rational dialogue and questions about the ideology of the “cause”? Is everyone else and every other idea threatening to the “cause”? Are you allowed friends and family outside of the “cause”?
A yes answer to any of those questions but the last one is a red flag. Too many red flags and you had better start running. You are about to lose more than everything you have spent your life building. You are about to lose your soul.
So how do we counter this when we can be portrayed as the enemy of the very people we are trying to help. Well, we could turn the other cheek or try to being even more helpful but that just gives them more ammunition to use against us.
The first thing you have to do, is learn to analyze any pictures and MEMEs you are sharing. If you feel bad or overly good about it, you need to look for the second message in it. Look at the source. Most of the really tricky ones won't have a source. Look at who is tagged. The people sharing them are often tagging people to share them and you can easily find out who they are associated with and even though your friend looked clean, you discover that was well planned. They are the clearing house in your group for these MEMEs. Is the MEME factual? Then call it out like I did the suing of Soros for the Texas shootings.
Present the facts and do not engage. Facts have a nasty little habit of acting like a grain of sand in an oyster. Eventually the irritation produces a pearl of wisdom. Engaging just wastes your time. Call out the authors of articles when they are blatant propaganda pieces. Present the facts not opinion and then do not engage.
They have cadre of defenders which may just be themselves under another account.
Writers recognize writing styles because we study them and in the beginning imitate them. One article I debunked, I thought the person trying to discredit me was the author until I looked at the name. No, this can't be another person, the answers and style are identical to the author.
Do not be swayed by likes or popularity. All of these are easily bought on the internet. Even reviews can be bought from services. Any review that says I love it but there is just one tiny problem is probably a bought review because that is the template they use to generate them. I love it but I know it is not perfect. I love him but I know he isn't perfect, no one is. I love my psychotic god but he does so much good. Sorry he killed your people.
I love you, too. Sorry I had to destroy your favorite MEMEs. No I'm not. I only like fluffy animal MEMEs.

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