Friday, November 25, 2016

When the cursed becomes the curser

I have someone who I would love to get out of my life but it seems nothing is going to work. This person is a stalker with multiple restraining orders against her and an arrest warrant in another state. A hang nail is a curse in her life and someone has to pay. As usual, she had never stopped to consider she brings these things upon herself because everything that happens to her is the result of outside influences. People like that are easily susceptible to advertising, religion and politics' manipulation. They also live in a fantasy world.
The reason this person is after me is, she came up with a fantasy involving another person she fantasized as being both rich and madly in love with her. Unfortunately, according to the police, he was neither. He was just a small business owner who happened to use a dating service, saw her once for a meeting, didn't like what he saw and out of being polite had given her his office phone number.
The lesson here is that having contacts in real estate, she was able to pull up a credit rating, his home address and phone number. Then she proceeded to call him to the point she managed to fill up his answering service and he was not able to get any calls from his clients or employees over night and holidays unless he was willing to spend hours on the phone with her. At least that is what was in the police report when he took out the restraining order.
Then two things happened. She is always the victim and uses distraction to keep anyone around her off balance. She asked me to help her with a gang stalking her daughter. She should have known I would call the police because I have friends in the legal system. That was when I got the whole story on her and a recommendation I distance myself as fast as possible, which I did. As the cop put it, the whole family is crazy and has restraining orders against them and complaints to the police including the juveniles. As my friend worked in family court, he had access to juvenile records.
I also was the only person, including her family, who knew she wasn't dating this man and had never dated him. He had a restraining order against her. I knew she was calling him and leaving messages at night but I had no idea we were talking hundreds of messages. I can't even conceive of doing that.
This meant she had to get rid of me where we were working before I accidentally spilled the beans because being on different shifts most of the time, I had no idea the lies she was spinning.
Getting me out of the workplace wasn't enough, she had to destroy my business and me personally. When destroying my credit failed due to efforts of a client, vandalizing my shop including a break in to steal expensive merchandise (which for some reason I had just forgotten to unpack and took home with me that night), and even filing a false lawsuit to knock me out of all my speaking engagements failed, she set about to purchase curses with every penny or sex she could manage.
Unfortunately, the people she fell in with, as evil does attract like, are pretty good with curses and the way they work is simple. They get an idiot like her to purchase a curse and in the process, they get something personal of theirs, bodily fluids off a condom, hair or skin. Then when they cast the next curse, they use that personal effect as an intermediary to intercept any backlash. The next step is to convince the idiot that the person they cursed is now cursing them. If they happen to get a halfway smart person, they will catch on something isn't right or they will run out of money. But if sex is involved, they will keep them on the string for as long as they are useful or until they get bored.
Any halfway intelligent person would know that anyone who casts curses for a living is a slime ball to start with and not someone you want to trust. Intelligence is not her strong suit, cunning is.
So, because she is miserable ,she wants to make certain every holiday is ruined for me. I know this because she made certain I was fired just before my birthday and every holiday since then has been an unhappy situation for me. It has gotten to the point I dread holidays as it will be one more thing on my plate to fix.
Well, her efforts have been backfiring for a couple of years so it seems she increased the attack or chose another Santerio/botanica who practices the darker side. They are not hard to find down here. Instead of accidents and bad luck, I started getting sick on holidays.
Holidays are hell for a diabetic because of the food. We can't eat ourselves into a food coma. Temptation is around every corner. Hence, making me too sick to eat is really a good thing. At my age, I have learned and apply every get out of the kitchen fast technique known to mankind except burn the kitchen down. So, it has no effect on my preparation of food for others, just my own appetite. Not only that, but my stomach shrinks fast and one day with little to no food shrinks my stomach down to where I am not hungry after a few bites. Right now, I am choking down my usual breakfast. The previous holiday it was making me dislike my favorite beverage: coffee. The doctor took that away from me, anyway, except for a couple of cups of decaf daily so the effect was a good thing.
So, you see everything she does backfires in my favor but yesterday was when I got really sick and tired of this crap. I had things I needed to do in my garden and couldn't. Instead of just throwing up protection as I usually do when someone is dumb enough to attack me, I released the flying monkeys so to speak. Almost 20 years is pretty much my tolerance point for this crap.
The point is, you can push good person just so far and then one day they strike back. Amazingly, the person who has been attacking them is then going to go for Victim of the Year award, but you know what, we don't give a rat's furry posterior. I know many of you know what I am talking about. Trying to get rid of these people is like trying to clean dried egg of the side of your house, next to impossible. I know because the white supremacists in the neighborhood spent the first weeks we moved here egging my house after I committed the horrible faux pas of speaking Spanish to a worker across the street. I was moved from nice little white girl to enemy in a NY minute. Then they found out what I was and the brown sticky, smelly stuff real hit the rotary propeller. I am used to being the target and equally used to fighting back. Normally a couple of swipes and they determine it really isn't the greatest idea to give me a target.

But people like her thrive on being a target. It is just more proof everyone in the world is cursing them. It is proof nothing is their fault. It is more fodder for conning people out of more things. So dear friends, when you have finally had enough and strike back just remember, nothing worse than what has already been done to you already is going to happen. The friends you lose are just about to have worse done to them because people like her don't like to have witnesses. There is nothing you can do about that except make some popcorn and enjoy the show. I know I will.

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