Friday, November 25, 2016

Being nice may not pay but revenge is sweet

I shall tell you a story about being a nice person. It doesn't pay.
A lady arrived for a reading and a spell I don't do. She wanted me to keep the man she was with, with her. I refused because I don't do love spells and then she explained what had happened. She just wanted him with her for 3 months so she could get her house in order to leave. She was planning on neatly splitting everything down the middle, getting a small apartment and going her way peacefully. I wondered why she was being so nice when he was the one breaking up with her and she admitted it was because he had so many friends that she was frightened of retribution.
When I laid out cards, he had no friends. So I asked her to make sure she was seeing the situation correctly. I just didn't see her as a nagging bitch. I did see another woman. Oh, I had to be wrong, but she paid for the spell and I did it and I emphasized one more time to pay attention.
She came back to tell me I was right.
He would have these sport's day extravaganzas with all the men in his sales department and she was expected to cook and clean and keep everyone happy. Normally she would prepare the snacks and hide because she hated sports. Then she would come out to replenish things because she was forbade to interrupt the game. Half her money had even gone to pay for the big screen TV because she actually made a bit more than him. She got commissions in her sales job.
Come big game afternoon, she decided to stay out instead of in the bedroom and she started watching the dynamics. It was apparent from the greetings a lot of these guys didn't like her love. So, she stayed in the kitchen puttering around and eventually one of the guys came in. She learned with a little flirting that her great love who was always broke had just given the new receptionist one of those diamond eternity bracelets. Whoa, where did the money come from, she wondered. So she asked the guy why they were all here for game day when it was obvious they didn't like him. Oh, he is the top salesman and every once in a while he throws a client their way which really bumps up their commission check. Since they were now conspiring, it was easy to discover her love got two checks. He got a base salary he deposited into their joint account and then because it took more time to verify the commissions, he got a second check she had never seen in the 6 years they had been together and in his case, it was a lot bigger than the base salary. Then the guy asked if she might be interested in dating him when she got away from this guy. Oh yes, but it was going to take X amount of time to prepare. That was when the guy said he would do this a lot faster because according to the rumors, her great love was moving in with the receptionist the next week and would be bringing the furniture to their new house. What to do as she was totally unprepared? The guy handed her a card and said that these guys did moving really cheap.
She was in shock. This man who had shared her life and bed for 6 years had been ripping her off the whole time and now, he was even taking the furniture! As it was, he had just put his paycheck in the bank, so Monday morning she told him how busy her day was going to be at work, took the day off and made a stop at the bank to take all the money out of the account. She had a small one room apartment she been looking at on the beach where she wanted to live more than anything. Her income would just pay for it. Free now, she started flirting with the bank manager and took a chance because one thing I always tell clients is to play dumb and gather information. She quickly told him it was her partner's idea to move the account to a bank that paid interest on checking and she didn't want to move the money but had to. So she was closing the checking and small savings account that was for the down payment on the house they lived in. Then she faked searching her purse and became all frantic because she lost the piece of paper with the third account on it and she had to move it across the street or he was going to be so angry. Dutifully the manager looked up the other account she didn't know existed and transferred half the money to her account she had just opened across the street. She only took half because she figured he had automatic deposit on this one, too and closing it would raise a red flag. She, oh so thankful, would let him transfer the rest of the money in case incompetent little her was transferring it to the wrong account. Now she had a nice little nest egg to work with and that let her call the moving guy after renting a warehouse to store everything in. The bank manager was also ready to kill lover boy. She had the cash as she was smart enough to close the account across the street as soon as the money cleared.
She offered him a couple hundred extra cash if his guys could pack everything and put it in the warehouse by afternoon instead of the usual 5 PM. He cracked the whip and they started moving but while supervising them, he asked what was going on. So she gave him the whole story. Well, he knew a friend who needed to sell a condo really fast and would she mind if they stopped there on the way to the storage unit just to check it out.
Reluctantly she agreed. The condo was a couple of blocks from the little apartment she was going to rent right on the beach. But how could they finish the paperwork that fast. Turned out the seller was the owner of the whole complex who had reserved this one for his mother who had died. He would hold the mortgage, the payments were lower than apartment's rent and if she would help with management and sales, she could move in today! He needed to leave for his mother's funeral that afternoon. She jumped at it, got everything unloaded into a nice condo with an ocean view by nice men who even unpacked for her while she got a crash course in condo sales and management.
A couple of days later she was feeling a bit guilty about taking half lover boy's hidden account but more so because the guy they had been renting from had given them a lease to purchase agreement and was waiting for the down payment. So, she decided to call him and at least pay half the penalty since they weren't buying the house. The man was totally confused because a few hours after they signed the agreement, the love of her life had returned to say she had cold feet about committing to buy but he loved the house and would buy it, could they remove her name from the agreement. The man had agreed and 3 months ago, the date the new receptionist was hired, Lover Boy had paid the down payment and was now buying the house. Now she was livid.
However as she ranted and wanted a curse, I reminded her that time wounds all heels and he was one. The cards said be patient and date the other guy. The first date was to a really nice restaurant with the new man unlike the cheap places lover boy took her because he had no money and her new friend became really talkative. Lover boy was really angry over the one account she half cleaned out but going to do nothing because he didn't think the bitch was that smart and the bank was now angry at him which put a damper on his ability to finance the new car for the girl friend he had co-signed for.
Date two which was really showing her a nice side of Ft. Lauderdale, she learned the receptionist had dumped lover boy as soon he co-signed for the car, stopped the payments and being a cosigner, he now had to make them. If you cosign a loan, you are responsible if the first person stops making the payments. He was also paying off a houseful of expensive furniture and a load of jewelry he had bought her and the receptionist had gone on to another better paying job with a new company.
Seems the user got used well. Far more than that, my client was doing so well with sales and management of the condo, the owner had given her the job which was paying double what she had made at the previous sales job and now she could even afford to have her daughter move in with her to share the work. Everyone but lover boy was as happy as clams, though I admit I have never asked a clam if it is happy.
What was truly evil about this was the woman was in her 60's and this man had promised her a nice retirement, home and relationship. She was really looking forward to retiring and 30 years ago, you could on the money you had saved and SS. He spun tales of how they were going to travel and see the world so she never got the little dog she wanted. It would interfere with that trip to Paris. Everything was a sacrifice for a future he no intention of giving her from day one. That is how users work.
The lesson here is that if someone is using you, you are probably part of a long line of suckers. Never be afraid to take what is yours and then something for damages. The minute you break with them, you are going to find allies because face facts, they can't find an infinite number of people as nice, trusting and fair as you are. There are just so many suckers in the Universe and most of them already have a taker attached to them. Users depend on isolating you and convincing you that no one is going to be on your side because you are such a pathetic being. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is you who are a very special, loving human being that someone else is just waiting to find and hold in the highest esteem. They are pathetic leeches.

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