Monday, June 13, 2011

Conspiracies and Secrets: Are They Possible

I have to admit, I laugh every time someone says the government can't keep secrets. Really? Where have you been? Do you know a little site called Wikileaks? Well, they are under fire for revealing those "secrets", most of which came as a total surprise to everyone.
Actually, the government has a history of keeping secrets. It has whole agencies dedicated to keeping secrets. No one knows what the CIA spends its budget on or for that matter, where most of the huge chunk of change we give the Pentagon goes. Those are well kept secrets and we permit it in the name of security. For all we know, they are in Vega in a high stakes poker game.
Let's look back in time. How shocked were people at Hiroshima? How many people were working on the atom bomb and no one knew? The first anyone knew about the U-2 was when Gary Powers crashed in Russia.
But you say, we have the Internet. They can't keep secrets now. Really? How do you know what is fact and what is fiction? The best way to keep a secret is to make it public and I know that sounds crazy. BUT, think about it for a minute. If I tell you 3/4 of the elected males in Congress belong to a secret organization, you will tell me I am nuts. Unfortunately it is a documented fact. They belong to the Skull and Bones Society and closest anyone has come to seeing part of the ending ceremony was last year when a brave soul used a telescopic lens to photograph it after he was invited to it! What happens at these meetings? NO ONE KNOWS.
How about all the uproar over the Bilderberg Group? They are speculating over what the meeting is about. Our top world leaders and financial leaders belong to this group, meet in secret and we have no idea on this planet what they are even having for lunch!
And yet, you tell me that huge groups of people can't keep secrets. Oh come on folks. All these people keep secrets, avoid scrutiny and belong to secret organizations that we have no idea what they do or talk about and THEY ARE OUR LEADERS! THEY CONTROL ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD AND THE WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEMS. Can you tell me one thing they discussed at their last meeting? JUST ONE! Go ahead, use Google. All you will find is speculation and not a single fact coming out of one person's mouth who was at the meeting.
Have you ever studied Sociology? Well, over 40 years ago I got a 99.75 in the course and the missing .25 was over a dispute with a comma. Imagine my surprise when 15 years later I was told I would have to retake the course to get my degree and discovered they weren't teaching Sociology anymore, they were teaching social work.
What is the difference? Social work is getting people help and finding the right agencies to help them. Sociology is the study of how societies evolve and operate. Remember the ground breaking work: 6 Degrees of Separation? It came as no surprise to anyone who studied sociology. How many people does it take to alter the course of a society? The answer is one in power. Once you diagram out the mores of society, you have a working model upon which to apply change in any direction. Mores are not necessarily morals, but are the customary behaviours expected of members of a society.
Let's say you want to loosen the regulations on gun control. Society as a whole frowns on murder and a gun is the easiest way to kill someone. Thus, most rational societies enact laws to restrict gun ownership. So, you look at the most secure quadrant of the society, where it feels it is most safe. Then you stage an event to cause the people to fear for their safety, and bingo they want protection. Since this event has occurred, it will convince them that they can not depend on government for protection and thus, all you have to do it show how well a gun works and BINGO: they want a gun to protect themselves and out the window goes gun control. Notice you never directly attacked gun control.
Devious? You betcha and me and my little gang of college kids spent many a night working on such plans. It was, in fact, part of our final exam. We were given something to change in society and had 60 minutes to figure how to do it without anyone being able to point the finger at us with the minimum amount of people involved in the action. This may come as a surprise but it only takes 6 people. Now you know why the book didn't surprise me in the least. That little bit of info was in every sociology text.
Convince them that every short, dark haired foreign looking guy may have a bomb and they will submit to nude pictures of themselves, something my parents would NEVER have allowed. My father would have killed the person who tried to pat me down and had help from strangers! Yet, it is standard operating procedure at the local airport.
My parents welcomed immigrants as their parents were just a generation or two at the most removed from being immigrants. They applauded their ingenuity, desire to better themselves and enjoyed the diversity (and particularly the food) they brought to the neighborhood. Now we are convinced we need proof of citizenship to vote and walk the streets because a bunch of uneducated people picking crops are going to take over the country and destroy our economic way of life. Really? How many of you are applying to pick tomatoes or scrub toilets over at the "Man's" house? My cousin picked fruit on the circuit and it convinced her within one month to save her money and go to college so she would never have to do that again.
Some one actually commented that unemployment was so high because people wanted a "good" job. When did wanting to do better than your parents, make something yourself and get an education become a bad thing? Those were the goals of my parents and their parent's generation.. Those were my goals. When did intelligence become an offense? Pardon me, but I want my doctor to be smarter and better educated than I am. I would really like my "leaders" to be smarter than me because otherwise, what is the point of following them? I mean, really, do you elect the dumbest person in the group to lead you away from danger? Don't answer that. I really, really don't want to know.

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