Friday, June 24, 2011

I met an interesting spider

Yes, I said spider and it happened yesterday as I was moving some blocks for my raised bed. At first I though it was a baby wolf spider but then I noticed it was definitely an adult. It was perfectly flat, the size of a quarter and could actually change color to blend in with the color of the brick. If it hadn't moved I would not have known it was there, but it knew I was there. It was really angry at me for lifting up the block. Silly me. I thought just because I picked it out at Home Depot, bought it and brought it home, it was my block. No. It seems in nature, habitation is 100% of the law and this was one territorial little sucker. It must have circled the block a dozen times before I moved it 3 feet. I had heavy gloves on so I wasn't worried about a nip from it. Finally I got the block where I wanted it and it continued to threaten something a few thousand times bigger than it, that could lift its home up and move it. I don't know if it had more guts than sense but it was getting there. One thing is for sure. If they ever hold spider races, I am negotiating with it. That thing moved so fast all you could see was a blur.

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