Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weird thing at the Salamander.

Bear with me because this all comes together, unfortunately.
Yesterday evening around 8, I was standing by the Cosmic Salamander mailbox putting the name and address stickers on it when I felt like I was spritzed with a fine mist. I thought it was starting to rain and decried not finishing the mailbox when I noticed the only possible rain clouds were over the ocean about 10 - 15 miles away. I got a second spritz and checked to see if the neighboring cell phone tower had turned their sprinklers on. Negative. Just in case, I gathered the magazines up and took them inside and went back to finish the mailbox.
Next thing I knew George was out front asking about the magazines as he, too, had felt the spritzing. George was behind the 2 story building in a straight line with me in the front. Then he showed me the stains on the red van that looked almost like oil had been sprayed on her. I didn't think anything because this place is very dusty.
Later that night, I was feeling bad and we got in Vanwitch to go home when I noticed something weird. Vanwitch is white and was parked 20 feet away from the mailbox and the red van and she was totally clean! By the time we got home, both our arms were burning. I jumped in the shower and washed myself completely and George followed. That stopped the burning. It was down hill from there. I just kept getting sicker and by this morning seem to have a old fashioned cold, yellow mucus, sore throat and hurting all over. Fortunately, I started some antiviral drugs because something was just plain off.
This evening George happened to look at some white milk jugs he had put out yesterday/ They were perfectly clean and this is what they look like now.
I was looking everywhere to see what spritzed me yesterday. There wasn't a cloud in the sky near me. I heard absolutely nothing. I saw nothing in the sky. The spritzing happened in a totally controlled manner and a perfectly straight line using 441 (State Road 7) as the targeting line. Today I am sicker than a dog and my right arm that seemed of get the brunt of the spritzing feels like it is sunburned. I don't think I'm paranoid enough.

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George King said...

We could not hear or see any Air Craft at the time. Took in the Banner that was by Janice tonight, it was oily and hands started mild burning after rolling it up.