Thursday, June 16, 2011

I suspected

Okay, let me recap. Repossessions of houses in Palm Beach County rose 50% last month. 20% of the population of the USA is out of work and at least 5% of those are out of benefits. States are cutting unemployment benefits across the board so that number will rise next month.
Health insurance costs are increasing to the tune of 10% (that's insurance, not costs) and the average cost for two adults on COBRA is over 1,000.00 a month. The average unemployment compensation is less than 1,000.00 a month.
In Florida, property insurance is going up between 10 and 24% and you have to have it to maintain a mortgage. That also applies to the person renting you that apartment and apartment houses are going into foreclosure and tenates with paid rent, evicted at a moment's notice. Gas prices continue to go up.
Teachers, fire fighters, emergency personnel and police are being fired. I am not going to be a fluffy bunny and say "laid off". You are fired. Lower (below the politicians and their staff) government workers are being fired. They just reduced FEMA's fraud division from 21 to 6 in an effort to save money so go ahead and file that one is watching.
Food prices are rising at least 2% right now and there will be shortages due to rain, tornado and flood problems in what is called our breadbasket.
And what are you doing? You are fighting with your neighbor. You flat do not believe that everyone in this country should be fed, clothed and have a roof over their head. You think your kid deserves an A whether it studies or not but the kid next door doesn't have a right to an education at all. You think you are the person who deserves medical care because right now you have insurance and can afford the co payment. Next year you won't be able to understand why you are burying grandmother because she stopped taking her medication after the age to receive medicare is raised to 67 and she was 66. You really don't give a tinkers' dam about anyone but the person you see in the mirror but you expect the rest of us "give back".
There will be no support when you are in trouble. There will be no soup kitchen because they can only serve 400 people a day by law (those homeless people are just so visually unappealing) and there are already 600 in line. There are no jobs. Your house will be repossessed if you miss a payment and you will be arrested and your kids taken from you and thrown into juvie if you try to live in your car. You will be jailed for not sending them to the new privitized school even though you couldn't because you don't have an address any more. Heck, your city may take your house from you because you can't afford to paint it one day. You will not be voting because that requires an address now. You will not get medical care even with a broken arm. The police will not be arriving when someone is robbing you because your call was 7th in line. Your house will burn down because the only fire department still able to answer calls is 50 miles away. Your kids may be able to read and write if you can teach them but their job prospects are nonexistant and they only have half a mouth full of teeth and are coping with diabetes and High Blood Pressure because you were afraid to mortgage their future. You can visit them in the mass paupers' grave because you certainly won't be able to afford to bury them.  And, no one cares any more than you did when you had a job and could pay your bills. They will continue to vote for the people who put you in this condition until there is no one left to vote, just like you did because you were worried some poor uneducated foreigner was sneaking across the border to take your job.
However, I got mine. No, I really do. I scrimped, never had kids, saved, invested, paid my bills off and studied farming and botony and as much medicine as I could without getting a degree. I can safely drop out of the system. You never will be able to because  you are in a whole different world than the one I was in and worked with.
Ah, but you have the Internet. How exactly will you access it when you have no phone, computer or internet connection? The libraries are closing due to lack of funds. The government is passing laws to eliminate free wifi connections because they unfairly compete with the Corporations supplying internet connections. The newspapers are going under. Even if you can afford the internet connection, you will be restricted as to how much you can use each month without incurring huge penalty fees. Where will you be getting your information?
Yes, there is a lot you haven't thought about but then again, you don't care about the guy scraping up money to buy a coffee at McD's so he can use his ancient lap top to send out resumes hoping for a job that doesn't exist because it's just NOT YOUR PROBLEM. You do know they can arrest you for theft if they catch  you using the Wifi in the parking lot without buying something? You didn't. Well, that's really not my problem, is it?

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