Saturday, June 11, 2011

Protecting yourself from entities

Green Magnesite Beads
Try as I may, I cannot get the color right on those beads. They are a true hunter/emerald green in a gorgeous mosaic coin shape.
It began several years ago (15) with the introduction of cell phones. The number of new ghosts reported to the British Investigative Society began dropping until at this date, they are getting no new reports at all. However, the number of people reporting entity problems has increased in my business.
The theory is that cell phones and electromagnetic energy disrupt the energy patterns of the ghost and have a similar effect on entities. It is also noticed so called hot spots for UFO, ghosts, entities, faeries and Djinn tend to be in negative magnetic anomalies on earth. They just can't do you as much harm if your aura is positively (as in real electrons not emptions) charged. Both magnetite and magnesite subtly change the charge of your aura.
However, let's face it, magnetite is not that pretty and hematite has everyone asking what is wrong. So when I saw some magnesite beads, I went for them. So what do you think: earrings,bracelet and maybe a few pendants?????

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