Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forecast and Faery Finder for 10-30-08 and Racism

Forecast and Faery Finder by Janice Scott-Reeder and Bitwit (Now jailed and petitioning for freedom. Charges: mutilation of Janice’s toes.)

Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.
Today’s Tarot Card is the Lovers: discrimination. We often go through life seeking the missing part of ourselves: our soul mate, totally unaware that the missing part is really within us. We don’t we it because it looks exactly like us, just complimentary. Seek your answers and your comfort within.

Astrological Source: Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide.
Astrologically, the Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:41 PM EST. For the next couple of days both romance, idealism and the psychic rule the aspects. Your dreams last night had hidden meanings. Ferret them out. For the rest of the week, look at rules, regulations, taxes, expenditures, forms and all those nasty little details you have gotten used to spending half your life on and start asking where they came from and are they really needed. Then do something about it. You’re wasting valuable time.

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say there are blocks to bodily movement. It may be the cold keeping you bundled up tightly, but without movement, the spiritual energy, Chi, can not flow and health will be impacted.

Today’s Cat Comfort card is The Cat’s Out of the Bag. “Oops! Quick thinking needed.”
Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for the Dark Lady. She is the high Priestess of Mysteries and Secrets. She knows how to surrender her divine power to Unity and thus she knows everything. She is found only through sleep, meditation, within inner peace, through ecstasy or total despair. It is your choice as to how you find her, but find her you will! She is the watcher of all things unborn, sheer potential. She is the mistress of all ritual. She is there at out inception and she guides us at the end of our lives. It is in the her darkness that we learn of our strength .
Today’s Lo Shu Number is 3 and the element is water. The rooster finds conflict today but the Rat is having a lovely day.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “I let go of any concern about the future or regret about the past. I live every moment in the here and now. My mind opens up to a wonderful flow of creativity and every second of my life becomes new and exciting. This way I find joy, peace and freedom.” Annie Marquier creating a world of Peace one thought at a time.
I have to admit I have never understood racism. Please remember, I was born in the south, had my own personal African American wet nurse and later nanny. Spent part of my youth in Latin America and generally moved back to the States to live in a real melting pot. I have never been able to see either race, gender or sexual preference as any criteria for getting a job done. In fact, I have really never been able to see them at all. I see people and they are all different. There is no one characteristic that defines them as a person or lets you put them in a neat little box.
What brought that on? Well, I got the ancient Obama was born in Kenya and should resign his candidacy email this morning. Aside from the fact that he wasn’t, what difference does it make? I was born in NC and spent all of 3 whole months out of 57 years there! I don’t think they are going to claim me as the native daughter. Next time your toilet stops up, think. Do you call a plumber based on where he/she was born? I bet you are going to be picking one out based on how fast that person can get there and how much the charge is! Why should anything else be different?
We are in no danger of being invaded by Kenya. Obama is not a witch though we wouldn’t mind claiming for our side but darn it, he’s a Christian. Hussien is probably akin to Smith or John as a name in at least a quarter of the world. And as a lily white lady fighting redness on my face, dotted with freckles and moles and enjoying skin cancer, I wish I had his nice coffee-au-laut skin color. It would sure save me a bundle on makeup.
A dear friend cackled today that she would love to do a genealogy on the Skin Heads in TN just to take them down a notch or two. I have to agree. Do you really think a single person in my family has ever breathed the simple fact that I am part Spanish, Jewish, Finnish, two different Native American tribes and gasp: Dutch! Heck no! The only thing I was ever told was German, Scottish, English and Irish and a whisper - don’t you dare tell anyone - of native American. That is just a small part of the mixture that has made this lady who is so white copy paper asks for sunglasses in my presence.
Before you cast the first stone, you had better make certain you are the only person with a stack of rocks.
I see the same thing with my fur babies. All you have are those ugly black and brown striped cats! Every brown tabby is as study in the interplay of browns, blacks and golden beiges. Every little belly looks like an alien cartouche. Every nose pad is different. Some times I just sit with them and look at all the beautiful patterns and colors. You could use them for scrying. You can play hunt for the white hair on the black ones but you won’t find a single one on Josephina! Napoleon wears his tux well and Purrbah has the markings of a lion on the Serengeti. Little Purdy von Sweets is the model for my black Bast statue though she is a tabby. Isis has a third eye marker of beautiful creamy orange. They are all beautiful and all different. Celebrate the differences but hire the best person for the job based on what they are going to do.
I studied to be a concert pianist and one thing that really ticked other students off was how well I could play with less than a years instruction after they had practiced for 10 years. I actually lost my boyfriend over that. After three months I played better than he could with 11 years instruction and practice. Some people don’t need 10 years experience to do things. Experience makes up for lack of smarts in a lot of areas. My teacher used to say anyone could learn the piano given enough time but very few could play it and those few would do it within a year with little learning time. She showed me where middle C was on the keyboard and the sheet music and I could play and read music that moment. That moment, I played a Minuet and I had never played the piano before! The last time I had touched one I was four years old and that was banging on one! Some people are born to lead. Some people see problems and then the solutions while the rest are gathering data. I for one would really like to have a president who can actually speak English, create a sentence and not be the laughing stock of the world after 8 years of Bushisms. I would like to say: some of us graduated from grade school over here and are sober. We speak English fluently and can actually pronounce it. We are not all red necks in the worst sense of the word -hey - everyone on my mother’s side of the family was a farmer so get off your tractors! They also learned to read and write or Grandma would have caned them. I might use ain’t for emphasis but I certainly never said it in Grandma’s presence and thus have all my teeth. I lost the Southern accent for a more cosmopolitan one when I was 6 with professional speech therapist. My family may have been dirt poor, but I know what fork and spoon to use and I can arrange a banquet for 500 without batting an eyelash or breaking a sweat. I can look like I am wearing 1,500.00 outfits while shopping at thrift stores because I know how to coordinate. I am fully licensed as a psychic and hypnotherapist and was before I hung my shingle up. I follow the law. There is no excuse for Joe the Plumber except plain old laziness and hey, I’m better than you - I don’t need no licenses or to follow the law. That’s for you losers that can’t round up 250,000.00 to buy a business because you are too busy spending for and getting your education, qualifying for your profession and setting up your businesses legally. You see those special people in parking lots all the time. They need two spaces. My poor commercial Vanwitch needs two spaces and we park way at the end of the lot to get them. Your BMW doesn’t need them at the front door! Some one get me some Stupid Darts!
Try living life with respect for the living and the people around you. You will be surprised how much less stress you have and how much you can accomplish when you just don’t have to spend time and energy on all that fear, all those judgments and investigating every person’s religion before you can smile at them.

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