Friday, July 1, 2011

Goddess, I am some times STUPID

Yesterday I was having one of my infrequent fights with my hair. They are infrequent because when you reach a certain age, your hair decides on a pattern and you decide you might as well go with it. I really don't have that much left any way and usually, my hair is "fluffy". It was flat, flat as a pancake flat. I had skipped my nightly washing.
Taking a closer look I discovered my hair was neither dirty nor oily. What was going on?
Okay, if you are my age, you remember when you washed your hair once, maybe twice a week in the summer. It was the weekly ritual for those who had money (I never did) to hit the beauty parlor on Friday, or Saturday if you were the rare woman who worked, get your hair washed, trimmed and set. And you were set for the week unless you encountered the occasional down pour and didn't have your little rain bonnet. Yes, I said bonnet and I actually have three.
I looked over at the window sill where I keep the shampoo and saw the industrial sized bottle of shampoo that you would never have seen in the 80's even and it hit me. We have been systematically duped and shook down.
Everyone wants great hair like those celebs and talking heads. Ladies, every woman on the nightly news on two stations is wearing a wig and if you want to get one: Paula Young and Especially Yours are the web sites. Every celeb has hair extensions, or is wearing a wig. You cannot get hair like theirs unless you buy it! But you are going to try. You are going to buy the latest blow dryer. Honies, it is just hot air. You can stand in front of a fan and get the same effect if you have thin hair like mine. Then there are the curling irons and flat irons, all of which damage your hair so you then need expensive conditioners. And then to add insult to injury, you need that industrial drum of shampoo because this has to be done every blasted day, over and over again. You can't even get away with air drying like I do because the next day your hair is FLAT! You can't even put it up. And since you are systematically stripping it, you now need glossers, and a host of things I think belong in a chemistry lab.
We've been conned, screwed over and systematically defrauded. The shampoo doesn't work because you have to use it daily. Clean should be clean but it isn't any more. It's been designed that way. You've got more appliances than my mother had in her kitchen to undo what the shampoo and conditioner do over and over again: all in the name of PROFIT and we fell for it!
So, what are the upper 1% doing with their hair? They still go to the beauty parlor once a week. They buy wigs and extensions and generally get out of what we suffer.
When I use up this shampoo and conditioner, I am returning to the good old bar of Castille soap and hair washing when it needs it. Take that big business and don't even think about running that company out of business because this Witch knows how to make that soap! You've gotten your last dime from me! Anyway, I have wigs and hats.

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