Thursday, July 28, 2011

It Has Been A Day

Last night on the way to Office Max to get the new HP 1010 Pavilion, Vanwitch's engine light came on causing me to have a minor nervous breakdown. There was no turning back so we managed to get the computer (they are really a great price and also available at Staples) and get back to the shop so I could make an appointment. Being in the hysterical frame of mind I was trying to make an appointment for Wednesday morning on Wednesday night. Finally I realized my mistake and got her a Thursday morning appointment and went home while I was still able to find the way.
In the mean time, a coupon came up on Farmville for 20.00 for a 40.00 Groupon coupon on I grabbed it and was a little worried because I have never dealt with Groupon before. Oddly, the coupon wasn't good until midnight and you had to agree you comprehended that fact before they would let you print it out. So I has two missions today.
Trust me when I say Shoebuy has great prices on shoes. Now I buy Easy Spirit Travelers because they are like wearing slippers - No Kidding. They are the most comfortable shoe I have worn. I got a pair from Shoebuy last month when Farmville was offering farm cash to try them. Oh, and they pay the shipping to you and back if you don't like the shoe! You can't lose! Love those people.
The economy is flushed. It is no longer in the toilet. It is down the tubes. Normally it would take me 45 minutes to an hour to get across town to Pompano Ford Lincoln Mercury because of the traffic at 9 AM. It took me 20 minutes.
So, we stopped in A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts. I had been there once before and liked it and I had a 50% off one item coupon. We were the only people in the store and have they got some great Halloween stuff out: a stuffed spider lamp shade, purple and black cat mirror and a lighted bat that sits on your table. I will return when we go to the eye doctor week after next, maybe sooner, I just discovered I have another coupon for next week and a rewards card!
Then it was off to Ford. First off, my battery was shot. I mean it was so shot, they had no idea how I managed to keep the Vanwitch running. ;) It was 5 years old and only supposed to survive for 3. I bought her when she was 3. Then they discovered my check engine light was on because the gas cap had only been turned 2 of the 3 clicks it takes to seal the tank. This is a problem with a lot of cars, my good friend Owyn has told me. She was way over due for her checkup and oil change, anyway. So she left Ford feeling really good. However, avoid their donuts. Either they really are tasteless or my taste buds have evolved from all the organic REAL food.
My next stop was getting really lost and making a series of U turns but I finally managed to get into Country Consignments on Dixie Hwy south of Atlantic Blvd. I am pretty sure. It's north of the sub shop, Lou's. which has the greatest subs in the universe. They have some great stuff in there and if you want a specific item, like I do ( a corner hutch) they will take your name and phone number and call you when one comes in. She said they get new stuff almost daily and my friend, Martha, bought from them for years. If I had had room for large table and chairs, I would have snapped up the black oriental china cabinet but unfortunately, they were a set. Drop in there. It is gorgeous. Prices are very reasonable.
Then it was off to NuTurf down the street. I found the pink jatropha I have been searching for everywhere for a year. I got a real, live cinnamon tree! Yes, they grow here. I also got some lantana to replace the polkadot plant that really, really hates the mailbox garden. There were a couple of others. We couldnt' find a single cat but the manager assured us they had just been everywhere. I am betting someone left the door to the air conditioned office ajar....
Next stop was Costco for a UPS, some fruit and yogurt. Their home brand Greek Yogurt is really good if like me, you flavor your own. They also have organic strawberry preserves that are beyond delicious. The main reason for the stop was gas which has once again sky rocketed.
It was 3 PM before we made our way home and road was deserted. Normally at that time of day, I would have had commercial vehicles running me off the road to escape the 4 - 5 PM rush hour. I guess there are no more rush hours as no one has a job. There was barely a car on the highway and I take major arteries. Hillsboro Blvd was a ghost town. I had no trouble making left turns on Dixie Hwy and that used to be the bane of my existence.
Need I tell you how hot it was???? Yesterday morning, Mosquito control sprayed to the west of us and drove all the Salt Water Marsh mosquitoes into us. They are eating us alive and they are small and really, really mean. They have bit my hands and arms in the shop. If I hesitate on the mouse, nip.
Speaking of nips, a crab spider fell on the back of my neck in the yard at home and bit me. Those little devil really sting and of course, that shell is sharp when you try to brush them off. She tried to bite my hand but I gave her flying lessons. My neck is sore but no welt has arisen. They really are beautiful and come in all colors.
If you don't have a wireless mouse, you need one. I have my first one installed and I have no idea why I waited so long. I bet a wireless keyboard is next in my future. Hey, I am psychic.
I ordered my shoes tonight and how to use the coupon is not intuitive. You have to put it in on the second page under gift certificates. It says that but who reads ALL the instructions? Well, normally me but I was nervous.
Coming soon: cherry pitter comparisons.

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