Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Week's Product and Shopping Reviews

The opinions are strictly mine and only reflect my experiences, So there is your disclaimer.

A while back I bought some little citronella tea lites at Old Tyme Pottery on closeout. THEY WORK! They work better than the big citronella candles and the mosquitoes head out of range fast. How bad are the mosquitoes? I have one candle burning on my computer desk. With the rains, they are forming clouds.

Cascade Farms makes fantastic frozen ORGANIC berry mixes but I got caught. They make more than one mix. This I did not know and I managed to buy the bag without strawberries. I remedied that at BJ's. But hey, they are all berries and very, very good for me so except for the fact that Napoleon does not care for blueberries, no one was harmed. Okay, Napoleon is miffed.

We took a trip over to Rooms to Go's outlet. First off, it is not easy to find and without a trail of bread crumbs, you aren't getting out of there without at least one trip around the lake. Geez guys of the lake, you killed a whole tree that fell over the road with the poison you used. You can cut those weeds without killing everything and poisoning our water table. Anyway, there might be a good deal in there somewhere but do not count on anything being anywhere the advertised starting price and by that I mean $100.00 or more within range. As for finding the good deal, not on my watch and they won't be seeing me again.

Then we went to El Dorado because I have always wanted to see their store. Dear Goddess, you won't be disappointed. That show room is FANTASTIC. They have Buddhas taller than me at  the entrance to the Asian area. I checked this morning on the net and their prices on statuary are right in line with everyone else's. The furniture is well made though a bit large for my taste.Well, not my taste, I love that stuff. Florida homes tend to be small and I have nowhere to put it, They do have curio cabinets that would make a lovely home display. I wanted to crawl into a couple of those beds and never leave, I loved the Oriental Collection, but that is just me. You must see the store on Lyons Roads in Coconut Creek. Oh, they have a mirror collection to die for! If you find something you just can't live without, ask for Norma Horianski, she took very good care of us,

And speaking of great associates. I was in Home Depot on 441 in Coconut Creek in the garden department Thursday around 5:30 PM. It was raining. When I explained to the associate that I was deaf and reading lips, he slowed down and enunciated so clearly I could understand every word. You have a keeper there, Home Depot.
I also learned that people will kill over mulch on sale and your people did an excellent job of keeping the peace when I thought two were going to come to blows because one guy thought the other one was taking all the mulch just because he had a pickup truck. Good grief, want to jump to another conclusion? Home Depot has a commercial store and every business calls and orders ahead so they can back in and grab and run. So try to leave the other customers alive during sales. By-the-way, they had plenty of mulch left on Friday,

Just remember, the old lady in sweats is shopping and she is thrifty and comfortable not poor and broke. She will rat you out to the whole internet. Be kind to each other out there. Someone really is watching and publishing....

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