Saturday, July 9, 2011

Will the last Liberal out the Door turn the Lights Off....

I am constantly surprised that people actually think they can undo their little temper tantrum during the last election next year. You elected, either deliberately, by default or by falling for a third party spoiler candidate, a radical, Tea Party agenda dedicated to removing the rights from women, children, the poor, the middle class, the elderly, the disabled and the Gay and putting all their money in the pockets of the already super rich while destroying the Reagan touted "safety net".

Through out the country, voters' "rights" bills are being enacted fueled by a demonizing of alleged "immigrants" demanding the proof of citizenship in the form of Photo ID and basically enacting the old "Jim Crow Laws". Decades of reform designed to create a democracy has gone down the drain in a year when just coincidentally, an equal number of states are redrawing their voter district line mostly behind closed doors. At the same time huge numbers of people, families are being left homeless in a world where the criteria for photo ID is an ADDRESS! The elderly, who for one reason or another, no longer drive and have been forced to surrender their dirvers' license (Our great leaders didn't think their insurance and car was enough to surrender....gee, now we know why.) have no way to get Photo ID and most don't even know they are going to need it at the polls. The same goes for the disabled and poor who may never have even owned a car. At the same time, our great leaders you elected are saving us so much money on Welfare by demanding expensive drug testing the recipients can't afford, that people will have to drop off the rolls and guess what many used as ID: that welfare card they no longer have. Do you really think you are going to rectify all this in November??? Where are you going to get the votes?

The House of Representatives successfully blocked the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell by attaching a rider to a spending bill for the Pentagon. Yup, just as simple as that, they wiped out all the previous votes and motions and put DADT back into action. I bet you didn't know they could do that. Do you really think a budget is 500 pages long? Most bills are two pages at the most and other 498 are riders. You just learned how harmful these riders are. They can effectively negate the entire bill's purpose and you think you won....

You are not going to turn this around. The Republicans have all signed a pledge not to raise taxes and the only way to pay the bills is to gut Social Security, Medicare and every other social program we have to pay for Bush's little wars and great tax breaks for his wealthy donors. The Republicans are in control. THE REPUBLICANS ARE IN CONTROL. No bill can pass without them voting for it. You will not turn this around. All you can do is: drop out of the system (impossible for 99% of you), move to another country or resign yourself to the fact that you didn't mortgage your children's future, you sold them into slavery. As for you, you aren't necessary. You are too old for menial labor. You are a drain on the system. You do not deserve to eat or have a roof over your head. You served your only purpose last November.

I was talking to a client from another country who has applied for citizenship. You don't have to worry about him taking your job. As soon as he can get enough money for a ticket he going back to India where the jobs are. "Three years ago if I offered a ticket to the United States to my friends, they would have been on an airplane. Today when I ask if they want to come over, their answer is: we might go to Europe but things are pretty good here. No thanks on the ticket." Most of his friends have gone home to their third world country.

I'm sorry about you folk in England. No one wants to move there either. If you hadn't had that romanticized cowboy fetish and started electing leaders that followed the Reagan policies, you probably wouldn't be in the state you currently are.

So, will the last Liberal out the door, please turn the lights out. We can't afford the electric bill.

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