Monday, July 18, 2011

The Week's Product Reviews.

Remember, these are just my opinions. is amazing. After making the best black cherry/vanilla Greek yogurt in the Universe this morning, I began to search for a cherry pitter, because getting those pits out by hand sucks worse than a Hoover, and had one in less than a minute. Then I realised I used all my veggie wash last night when I washed the cherries and had that with free shipping in another minute!

Annie's Bunny Snacks will have you wondering why you ever expended the energy opening another brand. Good does not describe them and they are organic made with real food.

That leads me to Target. The gal in front of me didn't realise the box of O shaped cereal was open and spilled it all over the cashier's area. I looked at the stuff and there is no possible way that stuff can be mistaken for food. On the other hand, Styrofoam and it have a lot in common. Their pharmacy was as nice as can be, as usual and I got my prescription cheaper than from the insurance company. I got a package of metallic paper for spells that I have not seen anywhere else. However, every time I get to the mark down counter I start wondering what the original price was. Good Goddess, their little end tables are priced out of this world. The little storage ottomans they have on sale for 15.00, the lid just sits there. I would stay away from their furniture department. I did find a good coffee grinder and since mine died 4 months ago, I have not been able to find one anywhere.

The South Palm Beach Refi Store is filled with lovely people. I found the Urantia Book for 4.00. I have wanted a copy forever but not been able to afford it. You can get good buys on poly varnish (can't remember what you call that stuff) for interior use. I won't say the furniture is that great a price. If you need a bath tub, they had one for 88.00 that was an expensive model.

However, in the world of my mammogram, I will not be returning to that place. The gal called me two weeks ago and I asked, point blank, don't I need a prescription for this. Oh, no, you just need to come in. We'll call the doctor. Thursday they called to make certain the insurance would pay since I was a month earlier than last year. I had to check it and I called back. Once more: is everything alright. Oh yes, just show up Monday. First question Monday, "Where's your prescription?" So I explained. George got them to call the doctor's office and here is a lesson everyone should learn. I may not be able to hear buy I can read lips at a very, very long distance. I have excellent distance vision. So, she gets the doctor's office and the phone and tells them I CALLED THEM AND MADE THE APPOINTMENT. I came up out of that seat yelling: You called me. I asked if I needed a prescription and you said said NO. Net result, no prescription: no  mammogram. I wasted my afternoon driving half way across town. Now, who wants to say something about people having to buy a drug test to get welfare. I can't even get a mammogram without a doctor's appointment and prescription. Other result: If they will try to cover their ass to the doctor over an appointment, what will they do if something goes wrong with the mammogram or its interpretation? Last year, their bathrooms were not working and even though I was the only person there, I had to wait half an hour.  I will NOT be going back.
Just for the record, I started out with a very positive attitude. I double checked everything. I was totally upfront. I did everything right and was very nice up to the point that they accused me of lying. That's when I got nasty. And I got even nastier when they flat implied I tried to get the mammogram and cut the doctor out to the doctor's office. I do have to go back there for a pap smear.
The lesson here is that you don't have to take that kind of treatment. Every hospital does mammograms and there are loads of private companies. The procedure is painful and traumatic enough. You do not have to put up with BS by the cart load.
Anyway, it was half way between the house the Refi Store and I circled back to Target but it put me late on going out to get my printer and I really didn't intend to go to the Refi Store or Target today with the price of gas. It probably cost me close to 10.00 in gas for that little exercise in futility.

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