Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Anti Immigration Propaganda's Hidden Agenda

You thought it was all out in the open. People strolling across our borders, taking our jobs and ruining our economy. They should all be rounded up and placed in concentration camps or shot. Heck, they can even get driver's licenses and buy our houses. They attend our schools and use up our resources.
Funny how no one ever mentioned that to do any of these things you need a little thing like a Social Security Number or a Green Card.
Someone please tell me how destitute Americans can't get medical care and yet those immigrants are supposed to be lounging in our best hospitals getting pedicures. The bottom line here is they can't. It is a manufactured "crisis" just like all the others: the "Deficit", the oh, just fill in the blank.
The only job an illegal immigrant can hope for is washing some rich guys toilets, picking vegetables or fruit, cutting grass or working at Walmart. Hey, it was on FOX so it must be true about Walmart.

Point number two would be: how easy do you think it is to cross the border? Two sides of the country are bordered by water, three if you include the Rio Grande River. That means Big River for you Latinaphobes who are afraid learning a few words in Spanish might forever taint your DNA. I lived in Texas on the Rio Grande and regularly traveled to and fro from Mexico when I was 5 years old, that was 55 years ago. It wasn't easy to get into the US then. It is even harder now. Why do you think all those people die every year abandoned in the desert locked in trucks and vans? If you could just stroll across the border, they wouldn't be spending their life savings to some coyote to kill them in the desert or cramming into a rickety boat and sailing across dangerous seas to Florida. Then there is the Canadian border. We don't seem to have a lot of  Canadians fleeing from that socialist state to join us. The main danger seems to be our elders trying to sneak across from this side to join Canada. Maybe THEY need a few more road blocks. and fences.

So why are we being made to believe immigrants are stealing into the country in the dead of night to take our jobs, homes, women and children? Well, it has to do with a huge Australian corporation called Serko which has its roots in RCA  who was bought by GE (who pays no taxes) and is run by a Pentecostal Christian releasing a new gospel record to a store near you.
Serko is the world's largest supplier of prisons and detention facilities and thing you really don't want to know about or you may not sleep tonight. In an America only too glad to pass off prison management to the private sector (or management of anything to the private sector), Serko is the private sector. But prisons, even those with the beds placed in the toilets to increase "efficiency and profit" and a high "suicide rate among teenagers" aren't as profitable as detention facilities for an already docile group of people who have no rights, even to a lawyer: our demonic immigrants. They are much less trouble than people who really are criminals and violent to boot. Heck, these people can't even speak English.

So when you wake up to how you are being led by the nose down to the handbasket and stuffed in it, call me but my guess is you will be enjoying one of those beds in the toilet of a detention facility first. After all, can you prove right this moment you are a US citizen. Perhaps you had better get that birth certificate tattooed on the part of your anatomy you think with most of the time. But, you know, that might be fake, too....can you prove it's real? Seriously, can you?

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