Saturday, August 27, 2011

No More Frankinfood!

I have been neglecting my vow to buy organic and found my energy level was hitting in the minus numbers. Thus, BJ's got in a whole line of organic lunch meat and cheeses plus fruit and a few veggies.
The first thing I bought was the smoked turkey lunch meat. It was delicious. Later that night, I thought I would eat another piece and as I got it out of the fridge, the cats attacked. I mean they attacked. They were screaming and throwing themselves at me. I just managed to get the piece in my mouth as Bat the Cat snagged a scrap hanging out of my mouth. It is a little too pricey to feed cats.
Tonight we went back. I have been feeling a change in my energy level in just one day. They had hot dogs. So, I bought them even though George was complaining we had hot dogs. When he opened them cook them, Mr. Finicky Himself, Prescious, started screaming for a hot dog. The cats WILL NOT eat hot dogs. I don't care what the brand is, they won't touch them. Prescious gulped (hey, he is close to 30 so we make allowances) his piece down. This is a cat that has refused everything but tuna for almost a year and human tuna at that.
Then we had the feast. Dear Goddess, I have not tasted a hot dog that good since I was a kid. Now I know why we have bowel problems and acid reflux. We no longer chew our food because after a couple of chews, it turns to cardboard. I savored every chomp of that dog!
I don't care what I have to give up. There will be no more Frankinfood going into me.
As soon as it gets out of the 90's, the garden gets planted and if I have to put plastic over it to protect it from the government spraying, I will. I am buying organic heirloom seeds and saving seed for next year. I already grow all our herbs, but I will be expanding it this year. I bought two old fashioned herb drying racks cheap from
You have no idea how well you are being poisoned and how good real food tastes. I had forgotten.

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