Monday, August 29, 2011

What are you eating?

That is a question we have been asking a lot as of late. Neither of us may actually know. However, I can relate my experience.
I began to buy organic meat and cheese. The biggest eye opener was the hotdogs. You have always wondered what was in them. Well, my cats will not eat hot dogs. When the organic package of hot dogs was opened, they threw themselves at the refrigerator and they ATE them. We had plenty of what were all "natural" hot dogs left. They refused to touch them even after George fried them for them. Not only that but they refused to touch the grease. They lapped the grease from the organic hot dogs.
Last night I made the mistake of getting the package of organic ham out, well almost out of the refrigerator. Bat the Cat is an old cat, reaching 12 now, and he doesn't move so well. He was balanced on the refrigerator door grabbing for the ham package. I had not opened it yet. I did manage to get piece of ham out and stuff it rapidly in my mouth. I knew I had to chew and swallow fast. I ran to the bathroom and washed my hands in the smelliest soap I own. Only then did I feel safe returning to the bedroom and the sleeping Napoleon.
When I arrived at the bed, Napoleon was unconscious. He was on his back, mouth open and tongue vibrating in and out as he snores. Okay, I am safe. I started to get into bed when I saw his nostril twitch. Suddenly the entire nose was twitching and the eyes popped open. He is looking around and settles on me. I know my hands are well washed so I sit down. Next thing I know, I am French kissed by a cat. Next time, I brush my teeth.
These are the same cats that don't want anything to do with the dry cat food if it sits out for a couple of hours. I point this out because some 8 hours later I awoke to another assault on my mouth by the same cat. That will teach me to sleep with my mouth open. His name may be French but this is ridiculous.
What else have I noticed?
We have an epidemic of obesity and I am one of the casualties. I have tried everything to lose weight. Nothing helps. Nothing works. I am always hungry and snacking on something. I do try for fruit. After two days of organic meals I noticed something amazing. I AM NOT HUNGRY. I can eat a normal portioned meal and 2 hours later I DO NOT WANT A SNACK. I am not hungry. I do not wake up in the middle of the night hungry. I am chewing my food.
Why you ask is that important? Digestion and the extraction of nutrients begins in the mouth. This stuff they market as food loses its flavor in a couple of chews and you swallow and go for more of the burst of flavor just like the old chewing gum that quickly lost its flavor and the next thing you knew, you had an empty pack in your hand. The Big Food Industry just transferred that technology to your food.
Not only that, but when was the last time you were not hungry? I don't mean full, popping the buttons on your pants and uncomfortable full, I mean not hungry. Even in the state of I am going to explode if I take another bite, the desert cart still looked pretty good, didn't it? Well, that doesn't happen to me now. I truly am NOT HUNGRY. I do not want anything on that cart.
This is after 3 days of not touching their fake food and it is fake food. Real food doesn't make your body constantly crave more food. So what are you eating? Darned if I know. I am pretty darned suspicious that GMO's, genetically modified organisms, are not confined to Round Up. They may be blocking your ability to absorb the nutrients in "food" and hence the hungry switch never gets turned to off because you aren't getting anything but FAT eating it.
Let me explain. Your body is smart. It knows how much of what you need. If the food you are eating is genetically bankrupt or blocked of the real nutrients you need, you keep craving more food to try and get them. Just because it looks like an apple doesn't mean it is an apple as the many folk who bit into the wax apples when they first came out can attest.
This leads to the next step. Organic Packaging is pretty darned safe to be what it says. However, organic doesn't cover GMO's. You can be getting organically raised GMO food. We aren't going to see the  labeling of GMO's any time soon. The happy little really plump Tea Party Republicans didn't want to over burden the food industry by requiring they tell us we are eating fancy cardboard. Ever notice how our rich friends aren't part of the obesity trend. Do you really think they spend 8 hours a day in the gym and starve themselves to stay thin? Just a few things you might want to consider. Since I have been a peon in the upper 1%'s employee, I can tell you that even back then, I wondered why the bits I was allowed to eat tasted so different and I was pretty darned sure it had nothing to do with the chef. I can cook that well. I just didn't know why when I stayed with them, I wasn't hungry. I can tell you they never went through a drive through or ate at any restaurant that was a chain and laughed at the "newbie rich" that did. I guess you have to have membership in the old boys club to get the memo about where to eat and shop. You also need reservations.

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