Monday, August 29, 2011

Christian Witches

At first glance it sounds like a bad joke. At second glance it becomes a bit more sinister. By third glance you are ready to hide the Books of Shadows. Let me explain and start by saying, Wiccans first became public many, many years ago when Sybil Leek published Diary of a Witch. Her reward was a canister of mustard gas lobbed through her hotel window by a "Christian" on the first stop of her US book signing tour. It would be the final contributing factor to her death much later.
The second wave of publicity or coming out of the closet actually started in 1973 to 1976 and I was in the front lines and that is very accurate description of it. It soon became apparent that we had 4 types of people seeking immediate admission to our religion.
1. Cure everything wrong with me and my life by waving your magic wand.
2. I really hate tithing to my Christian Church so I am coming over to you for a free ride and the sex.
3. I want to get even with (fill in the blank) teach me some curses. Or better yet, do them for me.
4. People who were genuinely curious and felt a strong connection to Earth and her many facets.
Sadly, the latter group was vastly out numbered by the first 3.
Sadly, the reasons haven't changed in the past almost 40 years nor have the proportions.

It was very soon after becoming known as the Witch of Broward County (I was no means the only one nor the "highest ranking"), actually, I am a Druid but that distinction was lost somewhere, I was approached by a very few people with the prospect of could they be Christian and Wiccan. My first answer was, WHY????? This very concept was as foreign to me as my becoming a Christian.

Then I carefully explained something they should have known. Christianity, no matter what the sect, demands you believe in ONE GOD, although they say God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (they don't believe in ghosts) and you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and man's place as having dominion over earth and all its creatures.
Is it possible to get more diametrically opposed to Wicca??? Wiccans believe in multiple GODS and, gasp, Goddesses. Wicca is Matriarchal. Wicca firmly accepts that no one can "save" you but you. You are 100% responsible for your actions, no one can wipe your slate clean and you will answer for ALL of them in the next life or other life. Druids believe in a Universal Force expressed in all aspects of creation that is neither good nor bad, it simply is. In both religions, mankind has no position different, neither subsidiary nor superior, to all of the expressions of the Goddess or facets of the Universe.
No, you can't have it both ways. You can't be half baptised any more than you can be a little bit pregnant. Either you buy the whole package or you are neither.

Then the guilt trip began ending with the "what are you hiding trip". I am immune to both of those, so don't waste both our time. I have learned that anytime someone tries to guilt me into doing something for my own good, it is for their good, not mine. Within in weeks I would begin to hear rumors, that were later substantiated, that this person was either up to no good in the "coven" or they were practicing the decidedly dark aspects of magic. In many cases, Wiccans who took the guilt trip and let them into the group found their group totally broken apart within months.

I cannot help but think of the various Fundamentalist Christian Groups like the Family and Seven Mountains, that use the technique of infiltration to destroy and take over the government, business and I suspect, other religious groups. I have heard laments from good Christian folk that their churches were taken over by these people before they had a hint something was happening and they were out on the street looking in at all their hard work and sacrifice no longer Christian enough for the hierarchy. The very fact that someone wants to keep one foot in the "Christian" door indicates at least one of three things.
1. They do not want to commit to Wicca.
2. They are frightened and want to make sure they can run back to Christianity and claim they never really left. Look, I still have my cross!!!
3. They are maintaining dual citizenship while attempting to destroy one or the other.

In either case my friends, the question is whether you want to admit these people to your group. A coven is based on trust. If you do not trust each other, you cannot work effectively together in magic. Can you trust someone who is openly straddling the line or are you going to sacrifice the work you need to be doing to convince them weekly to come over to your side? A coven requires stability to function. If it becomes a revolving door you need to rename yourself a library. Without stability again, you cannot work magic. Everyone's head has to be on the same topic to work together. Five of you can't be doing a healing spell while one is trying to curse someone or is really uninterested in what is happening and just gathering information.
My mind goes back to the Golden Dawn and how they were actually trying to win a magical war for the Church of England and Christianize magic while getting rid of the "hedge witches". IS this happening again? Time will tell my friends, but I know I am not going to waste my time teaching people who have no real interest in committing to be Druids and want to have the door open to run if they think the going gets rough.

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