Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why We need to Clean House in Congress

I don't know how many times I have heard the lament of why can't they see something as simple as tax loop holes need to be closed for huge corporations that make billions, reward the top MEN with millions and pay NOTHING in taxes. I think it is about 50 times a day. The principle is simple. If you and I are working our arses off to pay our tax bill and seeing everything around us falling apart, why shouldn't they be paying SOMETHING.
And yet, that simple idea seems to not go over our Tea Party Republican's heads, it flat out bounces off their auras and never makes it to their consciousness. It is as though something that simple doesn't exist. Now, I am going to explain why this has happened and why it CANNOT BE REVERSED.
Yes, there is no hope for them nor the millions of people who bought the Tshirts, waved the signs on the street corner, burned their Medicare cards and then fell off the curb and wound up in the ER trying to figure out how to pay the bill without Medicare. The Great Tea Party  made certain there were plenty of pictures and they would be repeatedly plastered all over creation and the reason isn't because you poor cattle were so darned cute and photogenic. It's called brain washing.
Here is how it works and the experiment is over 35 years old. You can look it up. It is a famous one.
Back in the old days at the beginning of the end of segregation, the feelings about interracial dating ran very high. Getting caught with the love of your life who happened to be a few shades darker than you could get you beat to death, particularly if you were the light one, female and in the South. Light coloured African Americans were actually afraid to be seen with their darker relatives in some places.
So, a group of psychologists decided to see if they would change this core value. Yes, this ingrained learned behavior is called a core value because it is at the core of what controls your personality and behavior. They took a random group of students (nothing is random in a psychological experiment, we have every contingency covered) and identified which students were vehemently against interracial dating. Then they took a bag and filled it with white and black marbles. Everyone reached in and randomly (the bag is divided into two compartments so the selected student from the group is a plant and controls which color ball you draw just by shifting their fingers on underside of the bag.) drew a ball. If you got a white ball you had to write a short essay on the cons of interracial dating. If you got a black ball, you had write an essay on the pros of interracial dating. If you were vehemently against interracial dating, you got the black ball. If you were really pro it, you got the white ball.
A week later they tested the core values of the group again and discovered that a few of people had slightly changed their stance to a more or less tolerant view of interracial dating. They then took the vehement anti interracial daters aside and appealed to their superior intellect and took them into the experiment. They were going to see if they could influence their weaker minder associates to be more pro interracial dating then they would have a good laugh later over a couple of beers, just for fun.
How do I know all this? Research for my master thesis on femiphobia required I come up with accurate testing for core values and the first aspect of that experiment required the determination of a person's core values regarding interracial dating. It was considered to be the premier testing protocol. I used it in my experiment with some reworking though my experimentation had nothing to do with changing anyone's ideas about anything. There is no FUN in psychological experiments except for most of the researchers laughing at how easily you are manipulated. I gave people recliners in my experiment, they usually dragged the most uncomfortable chairs out of the lab they could find, but I digress.
What they now needed to do was read their essay to the group as convincingly as they possibly could. They even gave them acting tips. It was all one big joke except they were the joke. Just about every other "student" in the group was a member of the research staff playing a role, deriding them and forcing them to act better.
The results of the experiment are simple. The student vehemently opposed to interracial dating significantly changed their opinions to being more tolerant and even pro. However, the shocker was 6 months later when the most anti interracial dating subjects began to date inter racially and thought it was their idea. They had many very good reasons why they was now doing it and even refused to believe they were ever totally against it. Hey, they had the essay to prove it. They couldn't have written that essay if they really, secretly, didn't believe in the goodness of interracial dating, now could they?
None of the students in this experiment maintained their previous stances.
Let me summarize this technique and I fully admit, I have used it very successfully in my life. You take someone and just for fun, by a bribe or by tricking them, you get them to publicly make a statement that they will or will not do something that is really against their ideals and even plain logic. Then you wait and after a few weeks of people telling them what a good job they did and a few pats on the back, they build a nice house on the river Denial and move in and lock the door.
How is this used? A prime example is the constant "witnessing" required by Fundamentalist sects where you have to approach strangers and reaffirm your "faith", stand up in front of the whole group in Church and affirm your loyalty to the "faith" or sign an open pledge of no more taxes that one man is going to hold over you and later tell you what he meant by the pledge AND make certain the pledge, your signature, picture and information is plastered over the news media and the internet 24/7 just to remind you of your position.
There is no way these men can vote for anything that Grover Norquist doesn't approve as not being a "tax increase". First off, to be a politician you need an ego as big as the state you represent. Secondly, you don't need to be a rocket scientist, the opposite; man of the people, Joe 6 pack is preferred. Third, you have to believe you are always right and you MUST have been right when you signed that idiotic pledge without reading the fine print or knowing who you were signing up with for life. Any other thought creates an imbalance in the psychology of the person causing them to be at war with themselves and we all know, politicians actually sleep at night though we have no idea how. Going to war with yourself causes a psychological breakdown and psychosis, none of which are necessarily a bad thing if you want to control someone.
As to those poor people waving signs on the street corner for the tea party having no idea that the original tea party was instigated by a bunch of plantation/slave owners, who actually had more representation in the British government that average British citizen, but had found the import tax on bringing their finished cotton fabric back into the colonies was hurting their profit margin so they paid some idiots to throw perfectly good tea into the harbor to get the average tea drinking worker to join in their fight for "lower taxes on cotton...errh...tea". Does that sound familiar to you? That's why you really do need to study history. Somewhere the organizers of the Tea Party are having a really good laugh at you, because they know everything I know. The only problem is this time instead of tea, you threw the whole country, grandmom and granddad, your kids and grandkids in the harbor without a life preserver. Nice work.....someone is rolling on the floor laughing at you and I have to admit, I am having a good giggle myself.
The bottom line is, we have to get these men out of Congress because there is NO HOPE for them. They are tainted material. They cannot be SAVED. It is over for them. They will NEVER vote against anything Norquist labels a tax even something a silly as a brick wall. The odds of throwing them out of Congress...hey, buy a lotto ticket. The odds of winning are better. By the way, there is no hope for the sign wavers on the corner until the "party" doesn't need them as cannon fodder anymore. Then they go on the scrap heap with the rest of us. The only way you get admission to the Norquist Club is by blood. Money won't even buy you an introduction, but there isn't a politician out that doesn't think he and his family has a life time membership. Silly Fools. Your job is to serve. Never forget that because they won't.

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