Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are the inmates running the place???

I had three doctors appointments, one of which was my preop for Thursday. I am not an irresponsible patient. I stopped into the doctor's office on Friday last week to make certain everything was ready for Thursday. I was assured it was.
When I arrived today, they wanted to know where the release was from my doctor and the bloodwork. HUH?????
My main doc is very consciencious about sending such things in BUT no one said anything about BLOOD WORK, ever. So I asked; What kind. Well, blood work was the answer. That makes about as much sense as asking what kind of car you drive and you answering, you know, an automobile.
They finally gave George a copy of the letter they seny my doctor as I was moving into melt down. I have had a sinus headache since Saturday and I am getting a little snippy.
While I am driving home, the hospital calls and wants the dates of my doctor visits and blood work...like I have that in the car in front of me while driving down the street. So then the nurse rattles off a phone number to call her at...I write really well at 45 mph. So finally she tells me she will call me in 30 minutes and SHE GOES HOME. I found that out when I called back. I have exactly one day to figure what they want and get it to them or the surgery is off, insurance ends Friday and I am left with a sinus totally blocked with infection.
So, I dig the letter out that was FAXed to my doc. It makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever, but they want a pregnancy test. I am 59! Menopause was 16 years ago.
George is going to have handle this as I am beyond snippy and moving into homicidal. Do we have to do everyone's job for them??? Hey, maybe I can operate on myself.

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