Monday, August 23, 2010

Dr. Ox was right!

Down here, the special was on communicating with men. The specialist today explained that men hear women's voices as complex things to be deciphered whereas they hear other men's voices as simple communications. OH YES!
Last night I tried to explain to George that the big N had not directly transferred his last pay check into our account the way they are supposed to just out of sheer meanness. They are "mailing it" and then they will mail the letter so he can agree not to sue them and then and only then will they part with the serverance pay. Now, do keep in mind that should they desire to get the money back, they will transfer it out of my account with the speed of greased electrons the low level demons that they are. It is just the part about putting it in the account that has them slower than frozen molassis.
Well, I finally gave up. Today, a male friend of his emailed to say he had not gotten his check via direct transfer and George is all: DID YOU KNOW?????
Yup, they hear men better than they hear us. Oh, and you might want to try both talking into their right ears and writing down what you want them to remember. Seems, men have trouble processing verbal information. think?

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