Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yes, George is the Technodruid and I am the garden variety Druid, so imagine my surprise yesterday when he asked me to bless the new roll of phone wire.
The Great Goddess of technology does not like me and the God of Electricity really has it in for me. I never stand out in a thunderstorm! So, why me?
I mean, the gods had already expressed their displeasure with my existence. The three spotlights were out and either they all burned out at once or there was an electrical problem. Both required money we don't have.
However, I will always do my best. Just as I finished the blessing on the note of "Allow the electrons, or whatever, to flow through this wire like greased lightning" the lights and the fan came on at once. I think I levitated out of the chair with a not so dignified squeak. They have stayed working and the wire is installed. The internet is moving really fast, so I guess I did it!

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