Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Back!

I have sinus surgery on Thursday and then I am back in the saddle, or at least I hope to be.
Most of my medical problems were due to the Micardis I was taking for BP. Now there is a lawsuit being gathered saying it also causes cancer! Oh happy days!
Now I am on Diovan and feeling way better.
I finally went to a neurologist and he put me on Miraplex for my RLS. I am sleeping well for the first time in my life, though I am in bed by 10 now, but I can actually get up in the morning! The RLS is not completely gone but it is under the radar so to speak. Yes, it has side effects and I have experienced most of them but compared to the RLS, I will take them. Anyway, the nausea is helping with the dieting!
I have been through 3 regimes of physical therapy and folks, it WORKS! I have osteoarthristis is every joint in my body and the PT really, really helps. Unfortunately, George was laid off June 21st and our insurance runs out on Friday. There will be a gap until COBRA kicks in of at least 2 weeks so I have to stay healthy for 2 weeks. Then, depending on whether the nutcase Republicans get their way or not, I should be alright until the end of the year. Between George and I, all the SS is going into medication. Welcome to old age in the USA where you get to choose between medicine and food.
As to the cats, you would not believe how gorgeous Napoleon, Fiona and the rest of them are and how much trouble they can get into...

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