Monday, August 23, 2010

How I got my black eye

I will blame no one if they simply refuse to believe this.
The doctor left written (so they must be important) instructions that I was to sleep propped up on 3 pillows.
I have a bed wedge so I propped two pillows it. That was not comfortable so I fished the little red heart microbead pillow out. You do know that pillow belongs to Fionna, also known as the Ninjalator! Have you seen the commercial for nicotine gum? Well, substitute the Ninjalator for the shark and the pain in my sinuses for the cigarette. I didn't even notice she sneaked under the covers to my feet and imbedded her teeth in my big toe as punishment for touching the sacred pillow. However, her revenge was much, much more arcane.
A few hours later I awoke in excruciating pain. I "fell" off the bed wedge and the pillows landing on my recovering sinus on the bed sideways. (I am trying to sleep on my back and I always sleep on my right side...the offending side.) My eye was swollen shut and when I managed to see half way straight, I had one shiner. Yup, you can be beat up by a mattress.

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