Friday, October 8, 2010

Before you vote for Charlie Crist

Okay, I admit he is a nice guy or seems to be one, BUT
I have a long memory and a certain amount of doubt that a leopard can change its spots.
The first hint that he was "breaking" with the Republican majority in Florida was when he vetoed the infamous teacher's bill. HOWEVER, I remember the quote from one confused middle of the road Republican in the State House who said something to the effect: We would never have voted for such a radical bill if we had not be ASSURED BY THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE he would sign it into law. THEN at the last moment he vetoed it and began a cascade of backing down from the radical legislation that was being put in front of him including a bill that would have a caused a woman to have a $2,500.00+ ultrasound done before she could elect to have an abortion, and he is NOT PRO CHOICE.
STRANGELY, Charlie Crist has always called himself a conservative Republican, praised the infamous Bush Dynasty, was anti-Choice, anti-Gay adoption and so forth. SUDDENLY, he is a "liberal" Republican and then an Independent running on a so called middle of the road ticket but IS IT? Has he suddenly turned pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-Union, pro-teachers? Do you have a signed statement to that effect?
HAS HE CHANGED RELIGION OR CHURCH? Absolutely not and that is where his core values come from which are anti-choice and anti-gay. All he has changed is his political label.
NOW, take a good look at the polls. The majority of the people in Florida want nothing to do with the Tea Party Republican Radical candidate: Marco Rubio. BUT, with Crist in the Race it looks like he is going to be our next governor. Marco Rubio because of his "Arizona" stand on immigration is not even supported by the Cuban Americans in Miami and yet, he is going to be our next Governor.
NOW, do you really think the Republicans did not know this radical, who represents the minority view that due to our lopsided districting in Florida has allowed these radical Republicans to run the state, could not win? Is Charlie nothing more than a diversion to syphon off the Democratic votes and the Republicans that are horrified at what their party has become and guarantee Marco Rubio will win the election? You have to admit, it is one excellent strategy to get a Tea Party candidate into Congress without the support of the majority in the State of Florida.
SO....THINK PEOPLE! That leopard probably hasn't changed his spots. He is still doing the bidding of the Radical Tea Party which he agreed whole hearted with right up until a few months before he decided to run for Senate.

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