Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fionna and Bush, the Black Cat and the Shrub and a trip to 2007

Fionna is a real miniature cat. She barely weighs in at 4 pounds of Ninjalator Fame. What she lacks in size, she make up for in feisty. She also a Tunnel Rat. Lift the bed clothes up enough for a Fionna nose and she dives in, eyes glazed and in full tunnel rat mode. She tunnels all the way to your feet and then back up the other side of your body emerging with a look only a cat with a mouth full of yellow canary feathers should have. She is also what my dear mentor in the Master's program at FAU used to call a bird dog. The difference being, as a cat, she doesn't need to be sent out but you really never know what she is going to bring back.
Thus, I was not that surprised to see the little black ass wiggling under the bed as she tried to pull something out that was close to her own weight. Finally, having snickered enough and having overcome my fear of flesh eating maxi dust bunnies, I reached under there and pulled out a nicely wrapped newspaper. Oddly, I could not remember missing an issue but at my age, it happens. So I unwrapped it and prepared for a treat. I got a lot more than I bargained for with that action.
I had just finished the daily paper with the usual bashing of "Obamacare" which is really nothing more than insurance reform, bad news on the unemployment front, disdain of trying to finish off Binladen in the actual country he operates from and general reading the local Tea Party candidate's questionable finances and use of party funds. Remind me to hide the silver plated objects if any of the Repiblican candidates drop by.
At first I was just going to enjoy the comics and then I discovered what I really had in my hands was a piece of history. I had a 2007 newspaper, ala Bush Era! Thus I began to read and read and read. I knew that in 2007, the housing bubble had burst, bad mortgages and lending fraud were hitting the fan, jobs were being outsourced to India and elsewhere at a rate reflected by the rising unemployment rate, the war in Iraq seeking BinLaden, who was relaxing in Afghanistan, was being paid for by billions of dollars per day with borrowed money from China, the economy was tanking faster than the new super flush toilets and generally Bush was proving he was a total IDIOT!
So what did I find in this "Leftist, Progressive, Liberal Rag??? I found one tiny editorial column timidly suggesting Bush's new found evangelic support of Free Trade and adding more countries to the Latin American click might possibly be a contradiction of the Republican Party's former stance, maybe. Not a single word was printed about the rising unemployment, the banks tanking, the real estate market buying scuba equipment, the money we were borrowing from China on an insane war machine spending spree or the fact that thousands of jobs were being exported each day to other countries leaving our workers unable to find jobs, unemployed and uninsured.
What I did find was an interesting notice that our dear Jeb Bush, whom Charlie Crist worshiped, and his Republican Legislature's new requirement that every driver in Florida carry 10,000.00 in Personal Injury Protection deadline was reached and you'd better have it or surrender your driver's license and car tags. Then I remembered that this mandatory car insurance and PIP (Personal Injury Protection) was concieved and implemented years ago under the Republicans in Florida. PIP is a policy that guarantees 10,000.00 of health insurance if you are injured in an accident in your car. What is the difference between requiring PIP, a personal injury policy, and President Obama's health care policy requirement? Would our Attorney General who is wasting millions of tax payer money joining Tea Bag lawsuits against "Obamacare" like to explain that? Oh, I Forgot! Under President Obama's insurance reform package, people get a tax right off on their insurance policy premiums. Try getting one for PIP. Once again I have to ask, do you think the Tea Baggers and Republicans can spell hypocrisy? Do you think they know what it means because it sure doesn't look like they do....or care.
Oh, and the final cherry on this vanilla sundae was comparing the writers from 2007 to 2010. Yup, you guessed: the same people. Could it have been that under Bush they were AFRAID to write anything that might get them on Homeland Security's Watch List? You might want to think about that before you head to polls to elect Tea Bagger Extremists in your state. Yes, it can get worse...a lot worse. You can put the people who got us in this mess back in office to "fix it", but only if you are really, really naive....and I guarantee no one will be writing about your mistake because Guantanamo and several other detention sites where people just disappear are still open and functioning. Oh, you'll get your one phone call.....eventually.....when maybe you reelect the Democrats but I wouldn't bet on you being able to do that in 2 years....That's just my opinion and the Ninjalator's evidence talking.

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