Thursday, October 28, 2010

Selective Vision

It has been one month since my last doctor's appointment and today was one rainy, miserable day to drive across town to get weighed and lectured but I had to do it. I spent 10 years working over by Holy Cross down the block from the old Burdines furniture showroom. Commercial Blvd. was nothing to look at and it was populated by a number of lower scale small businesses. It was also not a road for those with fillings in their teeth as you would probably lose them on the bumps. When it rained, it flooded. It was a miserable drive 5 days a week and it really had not improved with all the construction.
I had decided to see if I saw any help wanted signs on the way to the doctor as that is a sure indication of an improving economy. First off, the gas station east of trirail on the south side is hiring. I have to admit, I could only do a cursory check as it was raining and though traffic was really light, the traffic that was on the road was insane. Where do these people learn to drive????
By the time I made it to past the split in Dixie I was ready for a bottle of antacid and a tranquillizer and I saw my second sign...Mechanic Needed out in the street. Finally, I managed to turn onto Commercial Blvd and the shock began. Not only was the street finally finished (government funds from the Obama admin.) but there was a decided difference. Three new restaurants had opened, most of the strip stores had been given a face lift and a new photographer (really big) was now in business. You know this was due to government funds and programs initiated by the Obama administration. I couldn't wait to see the other side of the street on the way back. This was a whole new world.
Good Goddess, they had even flattened old buildings and businesses were building new buildings on the other side. I was almost whacked several times by shoppers going in and out of the little shopping strips. Right smack dab in the middle of all this new business, new road and new face lifts what do I see? Alan West's campaign headquarters. Now, this guy is a died in the wool Obama hating Republican candidate who claims the Federal Programs have strangled small business, not provided a single new job and have to be stopped right now because they are destroying the economy. He also thinks that Hell's Angels is a fine upstanding civic group... How can you sit in the middle of all this growth and new businesses and still say it isn't happening? People used to say I had rose colored glasses on. These people have black glasses on...

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