Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's Up?

Yes, I have been strangely silent to some people's delight and other's concern. The cats are all fine except they are running around meowing, "Where's the meat?" Their skin mother has been eating really healthy and there are no left overs that a cat would want.
Tonight's menu was a huge salad with the usual victims: fresh loose lettuce, tomato, small sweet peppers, cucumber, dill and a fresh dressing from our new favorite veggie stand: Bedner's in Boynton. By the end of the week I may have to drive the 17 miles up 441 to restock.... The main course was a black bean burger smothered in Olive Tapa - something and dessert was a slice of watermelon. The beverage was Oolong tea with Agave syrup. Can you get heathier?
The each night I have been riding, or some semblance there of, my new bicycle. I managing a whole 3 blocks since Thursday last week until I cease to breathe. Since breathing is not optional, that is my best so far.
I scored some black rice in a Chinese grocery in Deerfield Beach today, a few blocks east of Powerline on Hillsboro Blvd on the South side down from the Bicycle shop. The cats have a bag of dried sardines to snack on this week. My bike actually came from Frenchie's in Margate on 441. They have been there as long as I have lived here and it was my first time in the store. I was totally fixed up with the right bike in minutes and at my age and height, that is something you don't get a Wartmart. I also got riding instruction as I have forgotten how to ride. I am relearning.
So, that is what is up in my world. Napoleon says, "Hi and will you please make skinmommy buy the good Activia and not that diet Activia?"
Nope, until I lose all the weight, everything is low fat and low calorie. I will not fulfill my genetic destiny.

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