Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is BIG!
Friday our long awaited printer arrives. I what? This printer will print in color on any round or cylindrical object within reason. Yes, you heard right. It prints on round objects.
Here is an example and WE CONTROL THE GRAPHICS! We can print anything you want on a "Christmas Ball", your children's pictures, pet's pictures, veves, pentagrams, crosses...anything you can upload to us, we can put on the ornament.
And we are going to stock both plain and LED candles. Our first line will be "Remembrance Candles". We can print a loved one's picture and a short obituary on the candle. It will be cheaper than a flower arrangement and a great item to take home for each person. Personal altars can be created with your own family pictures.
The other Remembrance Candle is something I saw in my childhood in San Antonio. It was during one of those non-existent wars that so many of our loved ones die during. Families would tie a yellow ribbon around a tree with a tag on it with the loved one's name. Just learning to read, it was a daily ritual to read each tag on the way to school and back. Our candles will feature the soldier's photo, a yellow ribbon, their name and what ever else you want on it. We will be printing them on LED candles so you can keep them in your window for the duration of your separation.
We will be working on printing the glass for seven day candles so you no longer have to make do with whatever is printed on them. Drop a LED candle in it and you are good to go and NO SOOT or harmful chemicals in the air to breathe.
Thank you President Obama for the small business tax incentive that is making this possible.

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