Friday, October 29, 2010

Number One Reason to Vote

They are going to give you 12 reasons here but I am going to just give you one. I know I am pushing 60, but when I was a kid there were no diet anythings. We drank whole coke, ate candy and cakes, drank whole milk, ate butter, had real syrup on our pancakes, and only knew about white bread,  and we WERE NOT FAT. I never saw a single autistic child growing up. It was a disorder that just did not exist in any you know what the figures are now-a-days? Well you might want to read fact number 11 before you vote. It is the next to last one.....Our future as a species may depend on it.

12 Environmental Facts to Keep in Mind on Election Day

389 – The concentration in parts per million of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas, in the earth's atmosphere today.

38 – Percent increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration since the industrial revolution.

18 – Number of countries that have set all-time heat records so far in 2010.

82 – Percent decline in U.S. corn, cotton, and soybean production possible under current warming scenarios.

1 – Rank of 2010 so far as the hottest year on record (tied with 1998).

16 – Estimated number of Exxon Valdez-sized spills it would take to equal the amount of oil spilled into the Gulf after the BP Blowout.

4,342 – Total number of oiled birds collected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Gulf Coast region.

$68.5 million – Amount spent by Big Oil and its special interests allies this year on TV ads designed to elect pro-polluter candidates.

$514 million – Amount spent on lobbying and advertising by big polluters to stop the Senate from passing global warming legislation.

23,000 – Number of Americans whose lives will be saved in 2010 alone because of the Clean Air Act, according to EPA estimates.

232 – Number of toxic chemicals found in the umbilical cord of tested newborn babies in the U.S.

1 – The number of votes it takes to decide a close election.

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