Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sticky Holes????

As some of you know, I have been biking or at least some semblance of that activity. I started at 1 block and am now up to 8 blocks. My legs are stronger. I am better able to breathe. I am enjoying my bike.
However, something weird happened. I have been sticking to one street and the other night I ventured out onto another street. It was like I had hit a head wind but as soon as I rounded the corner back to my normal street I actually started flying. It was like something had been holding bike back and just let loose all at once. The next night I went out and tested the "stickiness". I was able to narrow it down to exactly where it starts and where it ends. My legs were even cramping in that area and as soon as I broke out of it, I felt fine. Here is the strange part. The houses where it starts are vacant but previously when we were having all the problems with break ins and vandalism at the shop, the cops identified that area as the source of all our problems in the neighborhood.
The people are gone but the field remains. Now the question is whether the field came first or the people. Does that little part of a block attract bad blood? The first owners were good people and there were no problems. Since a lot of things were stolen from the shop that could be used for some dark workings, do you think they conjured something up that just isn't leaving? Then again, anything stolen from a metaphysical store tends to turn into a cursed object as the energies within the shop are not happy with the event and the object is not happy it was not properly transacted. For those of you who do not know the ancient rule: a fair price without haggling must be paid for all ritual objects or they will turn on you.
What do you think?

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