Wednesday, November 17, 2010


No, I didn't wake up in an alternative universe where people care about each other, though it is a nice thought.
I, providing the scale is not just messing with me, am losing weight. It is possible I may have finally managed to jump start my metabolism or what was passing for one. I hate to admit it, but it took a pill from BJ's that has Acai berries and hoodia in it. Before you scream, I gave one to George and he turned into Mr. Hyde. I didn't sleep for 24 hours. Then I took out my little pill splitter and quartered it. I discovered I could tolerate a quarter of a pill, early in the morning and no more. Oddly, George, who is totally immune to stimulants since 'Nam, can only tolerate a quarter of a pill, too.
I am taking my super Noni juice. Okay, that is foul stuff, but from Puritan Pride, I bought triple strength so you only have to down one cap full before you run for the toothpaste and mouthwash. It really gives you the morning "alerts" and I think it is boosting my immune system. I just know I feel better.
As to my trip to the ENT....I still have the sinus infection and thus I am continuing the two antibiotics and the antibiotic nose wash. If I stop now, I will build a SUPER BUG the likes of which sinuses have never seen. I have to kill it. Do I need to tell you I am sick at my stomach and dizzy? I have to exercise very carefully because these antibiotics increase your probability of busting a tendon and the doctor has assured me that if I do that, surgery will be the only option and a really bad one. At the first hint of strain, I stop.

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