Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Might Want to Unfriend Me

If you wish to unfriend, I will not hold it against you (I really never would) but just consider it nothing personal to me but a strong sense of personal survival on your part. You see, I have always been out of the broom closet. There is no going back for me. George is unemployed and at his age has no hope of getting a job. I am too disabled to work but not enough to draw disability and too young for Social Security or Medicare, if they are actually still around in 2 years and not because they went broke. We own our home and my business location, so we have nothing to lose. We can live out of the van. Life will most likely become miserable again, as it was when I first became public, but I am used to death threats and am an excellent shot. My survival skills are excellent.

Where I am coming from with this is that yesterday people thought they voted for an economic agenda out of fear but what they elected was the most oppressive social agenda in the history of this country. They actually put the Fundamentalist Christians in charge and these people will block all social legislation for the next 2 years. For me, this probably means death. Put simply, there will be no extension of COBRA or unemployment benefits. COBRA is no give away program, in case you thought it was. I wrote a check for $850.00 for COBRA last week for one month of insurance. Most people lose their insurance when they are “laid off” because they can’t afford COBRA. George’s unemployment is way less than the COBRA payment a month. All COBRA does is let you buy the same insurance policy your employer has at the same rate they and you have been paying. I researched the medications that keep me alive and they cost around $5.00 a day without doctor visits from the “cheap“ Canadian pharmacies. I think you can figure out things do not bode well for me after January. That was before I was diagnosed diabetic. Without “Obamacare”, I was uninsurable due to a preexisting conditions: High Blood Pressure. Now that diabetic is my record, I can really forget insurance….and I guess they know breast cancer runs in my family but I can forget that yearly mammogram…I saw the price.

Of course, you all forgot that yesterday when 65% of you wound up in my boat. WHAT? Oh, yes 65% of the population will be soon be diabetic. That means you and your children will be uninsurable. Forget the price of insulin. Take a gander at the price of test strips and those little things that puncture your skin to get the blood and keep in mind the minimum number you will need is 2 per day. I bet they will picking a lot of people up off the floor in front of that display. They give you meter for free because they know where the real profit is: supplies.

Now that the fanatics are in charge, only those who agree wholeheartedly with them will be permitted to thrive. One thing you learn in psychology is that NO ONE ever agrees with a fanatic to the extent that they think you should and once there is one tiny transgression (more often imaginary than not), you become something expendable because you are no longer human to them. You are a thing that is in their way. Now do you understand suicide bombers or do you need to read that sentence a few more times?

Thus, the only thing on my Facebook page will be gaming. You will get no other information, comments or links from that page. On “The Cosmic Salamander” page, you will still get some magical information but for the most part, you will have to subscribe to my blog on Blogger or go to the real Cosmic Salamander web page to get that information.

Blogger is not secure. Nothing is secure on the net. Bush created Homeland Security which is now in the hands of fanatics and they have the legal ability to wire tap you, invade your computer and all your accounts with no warrant or due process. You gave up your personal security for perceived security. What you really got was the foundation for oppression worse than if the Taliban had taken over. Now you are googled, your home is photographed by google earth and you are tracked by traffic cameras. All your purchases at every store tracked because of those neat little “customer care” cards or memberships and Bush put into effect an IRS regulation where all wholesale purchases and sales are tracked to companies via your Federal ID number starting in 2012. It took the IRS a little time to get the computers and the programming in place. Guess you didn’t know what he was really doing during those 8 years. By-the-way, most stores hire a central data base company to keep track of all this and send them reports. There aren’t many of those companies…..

Your cell phone has a GPS in it to follow you and all your personal information can be hacked from it, your conversations legally listened to and who you call can be controlled. Oh, about that GPS, I discovered when calling the police about an accident, it is accurate to within 10 feet. I had just crossed into another city when I called and was instantly routed to THEIR police department. I wasn’t 10 feet over the city line. This was 6 years ago! I’m sure their technology is better by now.

Just so you don’t think I really have any idea what is going on, take the following prediction to the bank and see if it doesn’t come true very fast. The first purge will occur in the local Florida police departments. Don’t expect to see anyone who appeared in an ad to have a job next year. It will be done under the guise of cutting taxes. All purges will be done under the guise of cutting taxes and saving you money. You won’t like who is left. You may even take to walking and leaving the car in the garage when it becomes too expensive ticket wise to drive. After all, they have those cute little cameras and your tag number….every cruiser has a computer in it and can run your tag in a few seconds. Did you memorize the driver’s handbook? It won’t do you any good.

The next purge will come in the local medical community. Doctors that don’t “measure up” will be starved out of business by insurance companies and Medicare. Their hospital privileges will be revoked. Do you know who the largest hospital is down here: Holy Cross, a Catholic Hospital.

Notice I didn’t mention government offices. That’s because anyone not conforming to the Fundamentalist views has been on the retire (purge) list for the last administration’s 8 years in office and has been blacklisted when they tried to get another job. I would say to ask a few of my friends if you don’t believe me, but I won’t give you their names.

I didn’t’ say the legal system because Bush packed the Supreme Court with 5 justices to 4 moderates and your local courts with his appointees. Don’t expect any help in court.

Then again, maybe a subscription to my page is the least of your worries. Have a nice life! You deserve it.

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