Saturday, November 6, 2010

Insurance Alert

Have you scraped and saved to pay that COBRA payment? Ready to file a health insurance claim? Well, you ought to learn the latest Insurance Game!
The insurance company denies your claiming you have NO INSURANCE. Then the doctor, hospital or lab is ticked off at you because they think you are trying to defraud them. When you finally get the claim resubmitted (be careful you only have a limited amount of time), they then deny it because of (a) coverage or (b) incorrect billing code.
So, you correct that and lo and behold, you may have exceeded your filing time limit and it gets denied again. You challenge the coverage and lo and behold, you HAVE exceeded the time to file a protest because that period is WAY shorter than the time you have to file the original claim.
This new game started the beginning of October when they were sure who would win the election.
Oh, and just wondering. Why does my health insurance cost 845.00 and month and my house insurance only 1,200.00 a year? The house is valued at 125,000.00 to rebuild. If I die, they win.

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