Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Social Consciousness Has Left the Room

My social consciousness just left the room. Actually, it ran out on Tuesday night and vowed never to return. Let me tell you why.

Here I was at the voting poll in a heavily Republican area with the signs screaming to cut taxes because those demon Democrats are mortgaging our children’s future. Well, I finished voting way before George did so I had to sit out in recreation center hallway that my taxes helped to build. Up come all these Yuppie moms in their SUV’s that cost more than my house did dropping their little darlings off for the $5.00 after school programs and running in to vote for a 100.00 decrease in their tax bills, if that.

It was only until this morning that I realized the humor of this election. Those after school programs, if they exist next year, will cost at least $10.00 or more, so in 10 drop off’s Mom is in the hole. Who attends school sports? It sure wasn’t me. My family was too poor to buy ticket even if I had been athletic. Nope, that parking lot is full of Lexus, SUV’s and Caddys. Guess who will be screaming when the sports programs are cut? I just can’t wait to see the teeth gnashing and yelling when all these yuppie piggies that have been feeding at the public trough we Democrats have been funding discover their Republican buddies just folded up the welcome mat.

Oh, yes, seniors depending on that free lunch as their only meal, poor kids without after school care and the disabled are going to suffer but they are used to it. They have been suffering even with the programs. However, let’s see what happens when yuppie mom actually has to give up her yoga class and take care of her little privileged brat. This is going to be hilarious.

We used to know a lot of guys that spent every hour they could on the phone on the company’s dime trying to get discounts and rebates they did not deserve and these guys were making over 100,000.00 a year. I wonder what is going to happen when those rebates, discounts and tax breaks dry up? Do you think they actually might have to pay, shudder, full price like the rest of us with a boss looking over our shoulders 8 hours a day had to all these years?

Yes, the majority of American voted yesterday to deny health care to people, eliminate all those social programs and raise the retirement age to 70. What they failed to notice was that they were people who weren’t going to have health care, be able to visit that nice park for free for the next brat’s birthday party or retire until they are 70. Boy, you really were stupid, weren’t you? You just shot yourself in the foot. Without these programs, I predict the upper and lower middle class will disappear within 6 years. They will be the new poor and they don’t even know how to clip coupons. Oh, I have seen you sneering at me in the grocery line with my old envelop full of coupons.

As for me, I raised my prices for the basic readings from $35.00 to $50.00. Why should I give anyone a break who is making sure I don’t get one? I predict the first scream will be from my Republican customers. Keep on screaming. I took my hearing aids out and as I said at the beginning, my social consciousness has taken a hike. I used to figure out how to save people money and still help them. Hence I have remained barely making it for years. Yup, Janice was always there for advice, showing you how to save a buck on ritual supplies without buying those expensive kits, giving free advice on spells and generally listening to everyone’s pain and suffering. Do not expect the new Janice to be there. I just changed my party affiliation. Out of job? Not my problem. Can’t afford your medication? If you can find an open library, look it up on the net like I did. Need help with a spell? The price is $125.00 and you will be taking notes because I am not writing anything down for you. No one ever wrote anything down for me. I will sell you an e-book with the spell in it or a pamphlet. What color candle do you need to find a new job? That’s also in the book. Do you have a bad taste in your mouth yet? Well, you voted for it, now stop your griping and get out on the street corner with sign that says “Will work for food”. If you are good looking enough and not particular you might get $20.00 from one of the politicians you elected for…..well, the same job you gave the rest of us yesterday.

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