Thursday, November 25, 2010

If only....Turkey Coma

If only I could turn my evil cooking talents to diet food. Dear Goddess, I must stop watching America's Test Kitchen unless I can figure some way to hijack that all stainless steel stove....
Anyway, they were cooking mashed potatoes, which I thought was safe because I am not making them until I lose 40 pounds, and then they moved into turkey. They showed how to make an herbed turkey. You lift the skin and place the herbs under the skin after you cut a slice into the breasts and insert more herbs to create sort of a turkey roll when you slice it.
As it so happened, when we stopped at Bedner's after the Jewelry Show in Palm Beach, I bought two beautiful pots of rosemary and thyme. Those pots beat the big box stores hands down. So, I gave them a "hair cut" and also cut some of my dill for butter. The herbs, some poultry seasoning, garlic and oilve oil went into the Ninja and made a nice slurry that I put on the Turkey as directed. Then I inserted it into a cooking bag. Next time, put the herbs on after the cooking bag is in place. I only had a 12 pound turkey but when you make the slits in the breast, you reduce the cooking time by over a half hour. This I did not know. But all turned out just fine.
Then, I Ninjaed an entire garlic in olive oil with several tablespoons of course sea salt and coated about 10 baking potatoes with it. They went in the oven with the Turkey. Then I blended half a stick of butter with the dill. That was the best dinner. I was glad I didn't bother with the greens as I was totally stuffed...hence the turkey coma.
That organic turkey melted in your mouth. Forget the Butterball. Even the legs on this turkey are delicious. The back went to the cats and last I saw, Fionna was trying to drag a piece off that was bigger than her. I think Napoleon crawled into it. I sure hope they manage to wash before crawling into bed with me. Then again, that is assuming either one will be able to jump by the time I get home.....
With nothing else on TV, I got caught up watching Julie Childe and another French chef do a turkey. Next turkey, I do this. You cut the legs off and use them for stock which you make in a frying pan. You then remove the spine and the wing tips. You really need meat scissors for that. This spreads the turkey out. Then you use the stock to make the stuffing which you pile in the pan and place the openned up turkey over it. That is going to make one moist pan of stuffing and should cut the turkey cooking time significantly. Ahhh, if BJ's has discounted turkeys tomorrow...the cats and I are eating like royalty, even if I can only have a spoon full of stuffing. I make mine with whole grain bread and sour dough bread. Gee, I really need a sage plant...
Now I have to plan to do the one thing I swore I would never do. No, it is not wash dishes because I do that all the time. That Dawn for hands with Olay something in it, is really good. I love the lavendar. Anyway, I have to get my prescriptions filled because George got sick last night. So, I have to go to Target before we open in the morning, on Black Friday...Oh dear Goddess I am distraught. Normally, the day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the time I will only shop food. I never enter a mall or a shopping center and tomorrow I have to break my rule. Crappie!

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