Saturday, November 20, 2010

To the Idiot walking to 77 court at 7 PM

Yes, you are an IDIOT.
You were dressed in all dark colors, with a cell phone attached to your ear walking with traffic instead of against as required by law. Suddenly, you stepped farther into the street and never even noticed the HUGE white commercial van that missed you by about 6 inches nor the two cars behind it that swerved just in time to avoid killing you! Fortunately there was no on-coming traffic or you would have caused a huge accident.
I know because I was driving the commercial van and if my reaction time wasn't close to 5 times faster than the average person, you would be road kill. I looked in my side view mirror and you were yakking away, looking to right as the other two cars tried to avoid you on the left, completely oblivious. No one was going to hit their horn because they were afraid that would cause you to jump into the middle of street.
People if you are walking on the street or in a parking lot, GET OFF THE F'N CELL PHONE! There are muggers out there and you can be smacked in the head, robbed and bleeding to death before you know what hit you. Do you think the cell phone is a deterrent? How fast do you think the other person can hang up, call 911...after they call you back to see if you just dropped the phone...... and the police arrive and then call an ambulance. If you are directly behind my van or some of these SUV's, they can't see you in a parking lot and they are backing out. They can't see your kids either.
Is there anything you have to say on that phone that is more important than your and your children's lives????
And by the way, IDIOT, if I had hit you, it would have been your fault. You were walking on the wrong side of the road.

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