Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a Day!

I didn't get much sleep last night. Those of you with arthritis know how it goes. You lie over 2 hours in one position and you stiffen up and have to wake up and move because you are in pain. It really ruins a good night's sleep. But I was up early and ready for my doctor's appointment. As they say, the proof is in the pudding or in my case, the scale. I lost 4 pounds. I am finally losing weight and I attribute it totally to cutting all processed food out of my diet. Folks, I think someone is trying to kill us with this food. The amount of sodium and sugar in SOUP is outrageous. They have to adding it. How can vegetable soup have 16 grams of sugar????
The really good news is Costco is carrying Annie's soups! I have lentil and vegetable! Yummy and totally organic for those of you who don't know! They also have organic turkeys and you have almost 3 hours to get one.
On the way back, I was joyful until I wound up behind a car with a bumper sticker on it with a hammer and sickle and the wording "tell Obama socialism has never worked". Well, first off Socialism is not Communism and the hammer and sickle are the Soviet Union's symbol representing the revolution of the people against the oligarchy (Czar). On the other hand, it may happen here. Secondly, socialism is working quite well in Europe, Scandinavia China, parts of Africa and a good deal of Latin America. It's democracy that seems to have the problem along with the free market system that almost allowed us to crash the entire world economy. And lastly, President Obama is not a socialist. He would be bounced out of that club, fast.
Here is this uneducated idiot driving a luxury foreign car that costs more than I paid for my house, with the requisite cross hanging from the rear view mirror that I recognize as being made in India and wearing his designer clothes made in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Latin America. I doubt if he had one thing in that car or on his body that was made in America and he has the gall to blame President for the state of the economy. THE IDIOT IN THE CAR IS TO BLAME.
Then by the time my temper is back under control after a lovely Costco shopping experience I had to get on the road, again. People were really in a good mood today. I come up behind a Toyota Tundra, double cab truck plastered with Republican stickers and trashing the Democrats. They rolled the back window down the interior was all leather so you know how much that truck cost and once again....everything in it is made in a foreign country. The same story with the Audi on the other side and the luxury car opposite me. Here in the front of the line is a poor little beat up Ford truck, with a guy obviously out busting his hump to make some money, probably to buy dinner for his family, with a lawn mower and some tools sporting the only Obama sticker in the crowd. Gee, I wonder if those other bumper stickers were printed in China? That would complete the picture. AND DON"T TELL ME AMERICAN CARS DON"T HOLD UP...I wouldn't trade our two Ford Vans for a Toyota on a bet!
And for this, these over 250,000.00 earners (cause you sure don't get a loan on one of those babies making minimum wage - can't afford the insurance!) want a tax break so they can buy more products. It won't be your products will be a condo in Dubai or Costa Rica, a foreign car, designer clothes made over seas and by the way, jewelry made overseas because we have few jewelry manufacturers left in this country. India and Mexico bankrupted them with cheap silver and gemstones. And don't worry, because your job is in India and China, your money might as well go there, too.....
Oh and a few words about that propaganda show called "Out Sourced". Right after we exported all our jobs to India, and Bush gave companies a big bonus for doing it, India gave all foreigners notice to get out of the country. All work being done in India in multinational companies will be done by Indians not their multinational work force! So that really is a fiction show. India wouldn't permit two Americans to run the phone room in India. Do you get the picture yet? It is propaganda, trying to humanize the workers in other countries who took your jobs so you won't feel quite so angry.
Funny, it doesn't work on someone with degrees in psychology who specialized in brain washing.....I AM ANGRY.


GeorginaShenton said...

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Janice Scott-Reeder said...

Actually, four years ago, during the Shrub, our insurance premiums started going up over 25% per year and the coverage shrinking just as fast. I am hoping this Obamacare, which is nothing more than insurance reform, will create more competition in the market place and drive costs down. It actually seems to be doing that down here, as doctors are starting to bank together, form clinics and create their own HMO's. They make more money that way than taking insurance. New plans are being advertised every day, so maybe it will work.
However, if the Republicans repeal it, I lose all health coverage due to pre existing conditions and i have no idea what we will do. I am only 59 and have to see the doctor every 6 weeks for blood work which will cost about $500.00 without insurance....not to mention the meds...