Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where were you?

Where were you when Bush got us into 2 unnecessary wars, allowed Wall Street to go on a Greed Binge, mortgaged the entire country with China to finance his wars, let our jobs go overseas and even gave tax cuts to companies for doing just that, removed most of our civil rights and rights to privacy with Homeland Security because his daddy, ex head of the CIA, had a rivalry with the FBI, and lastly, engineered TARP, the huge bank bailout and the final nail in Middle Class America's financial coffin?
Then one man tries to get us affordable health care and you are ready to burn Washington! What part of this do you not understand? Every uninsured person walking into an ER - BECAUSE NO DOCTOR WILL SEE THEM WITHOUT CASH OR INSURANCE - is paid for by YOU at FULL RETAIL through your taxes both state and federal! My insurance company negotiated my $12,000.00 hospital bill down to $2,500.00 before they paid it. If I didn't have insurance you would be paying my $12,000.00 bill for the same care I received for $2,500.00. Obamacare, as it is termed, will save all of us money simply by forcing everyone into the insurance system. The doctors that are screaming and refusing to see patients have been slurping at the public trough for years. Wouldn't you rather get $250.00 for an office visit rather than the $70.00 you agreed to with the insurance company? So would they and they do it by using our tax dollars to pay for the treatment of the uninsured. Hey kids...I spent 10 years working for a doctor. I know how this works. We loved our share of indigent and "workman's comp" patients. You can write off an indigent patient on your income taxes but you can't write off the difference between 250.00 and 70.00 when you have a contract with an insurance company.
Now, the Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats are sitting in Washington happily dismantling Social Security, our military's benefits and Medicare. They have already dismantled part of Medicare and reduced payments to doctors enough that cancer clinics are closing all over the country. Where are you? Screaming to stop Obama.
Strange, no one ever screamed Stop Bush or if they did, no one heard them. Ever wonder why? Why were there no books criticizing Bush during his administration? I can count the number of books published criticizing him on my hands even after he is out of office and declared the worst president we ever had. Do you ever wonder why? Where were the demonstrations? You think you are losing your rights. Where were you when you really did lose your rights...10 years ago???????

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