Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ebay bans Metaphysical...are you next?

It was all over the media, mostly with a snicker, that Ebay is now removing the metaphysical no more spells, readings and metaphysical products on Ebay. There is a minor implication that things like prayer cards, holy water and blessings may also be banned.

However, few people have considered the big picture and I thought you really enjoy seeing it. 

A mobile credit processor, one of those cards you stick into your smart phone to run credits cards on the go, started their company with a ban on all "occult merchandise". They have the right to take all the money they have ever paid you for credit cards you took for merchandise out of your bank account if they deem you may have sold "occult merchandise". They do not define "Occult". They do not have to prove anything.

Ebay and Paypal are the same company. Paypal is the processors for payments that practically all your metaphysical Internet sites use for any and all payments. If Paypal continues with the Ebay line, ALL YOUR ON-LINE SUPPLIERS WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS. No, not just a few, not just some, all of them will go out of business unless you want to send checks and money orders and wait a month or more turn around to get your incense.

Why is this? Your credit card processors want a brick and mortar store before they provide an account. That account costs as a base charge at least 20.00 a month plus the cost of the machine you swipe the cards through which runs at least 500.00 outright or you can lease them at a nice price and that was sarcasm. To process cards over the internet, you then have to pay the base fee for your store plus a gateway charge and more equipment or programming. The gateway charge started at 30.00 a month when I checked several years back. Then if you want to go is more money.

To put it simply a merchant would have to rent a store, get licenses, get a commercial bank account and they are never free, get a credit rating, get a commercial phone and then pay at least 50.00 a month plus equipment to have an online store. That WILL put everyone out of business.

So if you think this serves the con artists right, keep in mind, you won't be able to buy anything shortly.

And how far can this go? Well, we are talking all alternative medicines, Meditation supplies, everything right down to clothes and shoes if they are deemed to be useful in a ritual of some kind. It will probably also hit the Renaissance Fairs, Scifi industry and Goths. It will definitely put a lot of events out of business when they can no longer take credit cards for tickets.

Why are they doing this? It's simple folks. They are putting the small merchants out of business so the big box stores can sell you toxic incense and oils and candles that petroleum by-products. Keep in mind, both Ebay and Paypal are contributors to the Teapublicans and it was just a matter of time before they felt confident to come after you. That time is now.

Welcome to the Corporate States of America. Did you really think they were going to be friendly to small businesses????

Baa, Sheeple,'s not a conspiracy if it's a business plan.

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Dragyn said...

Thank you! I won't do business with pbay, or gimmepal, then!!