Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Problem with Metaphysics is It's so Metaphysical

That is pretty much the problem in a nutshell.

You can't touch, smell or for the most part, see it. At least with electricity, you can darn well feel it.

Electromagnetics is another thing. Once more, you can't see, feel or smell it. As humans we tend to be trapped in the 5 senses. Anything else must be taken on faith or so it seems at times.

However, a very smart man once said to me that the only reason we couldn't prove the psychic and magick exists at the moment is because we don't have instruments sensitive enough to measure it. The problem is not so much the instrument as the sensors. Once we couldn't prove the brain functioned with chemical/electrical activity and then we invented the EEG and measured the electrical impulses. The same was true of muscles and nerves. Now we know our bodies are huge electrical networks.

So you come to wonder why we keep questioning that the electrical activity around us can affect us or at least, I keep forgetting that little point.

Point in question; do the electric fields generated by cell phones, power lines and the like affect you? It is easy to understand a cell phone might affect you as it transmits a signal all the way from a cell phone tower to your phone and back again. You can't see it, but the sheer distance tells you something is going on.

However, the power strip next to you bed is more nebulous. It is easy for me to slip up and not turn it off like I have for the past week and to forget when I am feeling weak, achy and sick that just maybe, it might be at fault. Then last night I turned it off again, fell right to sleep and slept like a proverbial log. Yes, it has an effect and eventually I will get rid of the whole thing on a 24/7 basis. Maybe, just maybe, I will learn my lesson before that point.

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