Sunday, August 12, 2012

They are STEALING our History!

There was a huge controversy at the year 2000 centered around a small group of "New Agers" being denied permission to hold a ceremony at the Great Pyramid at Giza. The Egyptians were not only anti Jewish and Christian but now, anti New Age thought or so the headlines read.

Okay, the Muslims are not warm and fuzzy with the psychic any more than their other two sects of the same religion, the Jews and Christians, are. Actually, in many countries, like Saudi Arabia, being psychic is a death sentence quite literally but Egypt has always been a publicity hound, had a gigantic light show planned and so, what was all the flap about a dozen or more people?

With the Winter Solstice of 2012 approaching, the controversy kicks into high gear again and suddenly one of Egypt's premier archaeologists emits the cry, "They are trying to steal our history because they have none." 


Now I know archaeologists and anthropologists often take a dive off the deep end, but this man never struck me as needing psychiatric help. He always struck me as being pretty logical and pedantic so I wasn't expecting any leaps of brilliance, faith or even connecting the dots if they were more than a half an inch apart. What on earth was he talking about? Who on earth was he talking about? What the Hades is going on over there? Did they put fluoride in the water or pass out stupid pills when I wasn't looking?

Well, it seems we know less than a little about the Middle East and what is happening over there. What we do find out seems totally puzzling (like this) and illogical. However, the Internet, which everyone and his third cousin is trying to either close down or restrict is a great equalizer where some poor guy at the end of the earth can say, "Hey, I'm standing here and that is NOT what is happening." That poor guy is the news media's worst nightmare and he was a well known archaeologist in Egypt that started my search for what he was talking about.

What he was talking about turned out to be a hot topic in the Arabic world. It seems certain Zionist, and I make a distinction between the Jewish people and the Zionist alliance here because I doubt a single Jew in the USA knows any more right now than I did 24 hours ago, factions are claiming the Jewish people built the Great Pyramids at Giza.

Most of you are saying, "What idiot came up with that?" Unfortunately the "Idiot" turns out to be several groups. Idiot number one is the entire Zionist government of Israel. Idiot number two happens to be a well known group called the Freemasons. Number One you've heard of, possibly think you support but are getting a little queasy over the amount of tax dollars yearly, over one tenth the national debt, being funneled into "military support" for them. Number two you probably know little about except that they are some kooky occult like group that most of the presidents and members of government belong to and they preform weird rituals wearing strange clothes and hats behind closed doors. What you don't know is they are brothers in a quest that you know nothing about. What you don't know is that in the Arab world, the Zionists are perceived as running the Freemasons and hence the USA, and are their historical enemies. What you don't know is they (the Arabs) are probably right.

With number two, you forgot to look at the name: Freemasons. A mason is a builder. Originally the Masonic Order was a union for builders where you entered as an apprentice laying bricks and worked up to an architect. All professions at that time were essentially unions that through birth you entered into in order to learn a trade. But, the term Free is added to the name. This distinction meant you could enter the order without being a blood relative of a mason and they were not bound by the laws, rules and financial stipulations of regular masons. Ever notice how it always comes back to MONEY?

Freemasons are responsible for building practically every Church in the world except the really ancient ones, using a set formula for dimensions and orientation. This formula they corrupted from the Great Pyramids which they now claim to have built.

Exactly what the Zionists claim is probably looks like a rubber band stretched so far it is snapping any second now as they are not so much trying to steal the Egyptian Arab history as invent one to cover their real history.

Now for a news flash for all three of these great builders (sarcasm).

NONE OF YOU BUILT THE GREAT PYRAMID, not the Arabs, the Masons or the Zionists. You didn't even exist when it was built.

Yes, you read that right. Now let me explain this in real simple words. The Great Pyramids at Giza are identical in proportion and orientation (size and the direction they are pointed) to all the megalithic ruins in South America from Peru to Mexico, the ruins in India, Ethiopia and the list includes every site in the world with big honking pyramid like structures. None of you built them. The same people built all of them. Any idiot can figure that out.

Now if you disagree with me all you need to do is quarry a 240 ton (2,000 pounds) block of granite  (what they make your best kitchen tops out of because nothing harms it) using bronze (That soft yellowish stuff that they make lamps bases out of that dents the first time you sneeze on it) tools, drag it at least 50 miles and lift it half way up the side of a mountain. I won't even ask you to sit it on its matching stones so perfectly aligned a human hair can't be placed between them.

Okay, ready, start, GO! First one gets to claim they built the pyramids. Until then, everyone gets to SHUT UP!

Now ladies, I might want to point out at this moment that you are not even included in this argument or contest. The Freemasons are a male order with a social club doing bake sales called  the Eastern Star (which in itself is a derogatory name) for women. Notice how that bake sale terminology also applies to Christians as very few denominations even consider women capable of being spiritual enough to be church leaders. Do you see any women heading up the major Christian Religious denominations??? AND, when was the last time you saw a female Rabbi? As for the Arabs, put on your Burka and forget how to read and write because you are unclean and useful, as in most Christian sects, only as a baby carrier. Oh my, they are all looking alike. Geez, could they all be sects of the same oppressive religion? Me thinks so. Did any of them build the pyramids? Heck No! Can women do math? I had an A average in calculus, analytical geometry, trigonometry, algebra and even math theory. bad. Guess you fellows are WRONG.

She smiles sarcastically......It's never a good idea to mess the Old Druid. And for my fellow pagans, the word Druid is neuter, neither masculine nor feminine like witch. Also kind of like the original word used for god in the Old Testament......

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