Monday, August 6, 2012

Why ARE We in the Middle East and It isn't Political.

I've been asking that question for some time.

It certainly isn't oil because no matter how many countries we invade and conquer, oil prices do not  go down and supplies do not go up.

It sure wasn't to catch one idiot Arab we trained and financed living in a cave that turned out to be a luxury compound with his underage wife number ???.....we do love of our pet pedophiles.

So why are we invading country after country?

The answer has to be that we are looking for something.

In any Middle Eastern conflict Israel has to be the major player and Israel is currently run by the extremist Rothchild Banksters Zionists that founded the country and manipulated a major world war to populate it. No matter how many times they populate it, the people just won't stay under their dictatorship but what is everyone looking for???

I have a theory. The whole purpose of putting Israel where it is, was to gain control of Jerusalem. Now there are those who would bow down and yell: Holy of Holiest, but I don't believe these men have a religious bone in their bodies unless religion is defined as money or power.

But there are a variety of ruins in the area that are impossible to explain even using modern technology. Blocks over 1,200 tons are placed in perfect alignment with other huge blocks forming a flat platform. Why would anyone do this unless they needed a platform of that magnitude to support something of that weight that wouldn't melt? And we won't even ask how they did it because we can't do it today. Balbek is a marvel when you consider two pieces of disinformation that are circulated about it. First of all, most of it was constructed during the Bronze Age. I really want to see you cut those stones with a piece of Bronze and number 2 is that they could have rolled them down from the quarry when the estimates of doing that are for moving a stone 240 times lighter than the larger stones. After they rolled them down the hill, there is the little problem of lifting them onto stones of the same size while perfectly aligning them.

Then we move on to Ethiopia and Lalibela, where "churches" are cut out of solid stone from the top or ground level, down. If you find an aerial view of the area, you will discover that instead of "churches" it looks oddly like a grid that something would plug into. However, the one fact remains, there is no way we could do this today and the legend says the nightshift of workers was comprised of "angels". Oddly enough, the nightshift on Solomon's temple was comprised of "demons".

If we move onto India, we find temples at Elora cut into the caves of solid rock and the gigantic windows, well above ceilings we would be hard pressed to clean with today's scaffolding much let alone carve, are perfectly aligned with the sunrise of the Summer and Winter Solstices. The sunlight hits huge statues of the Buddha in a chair manipulating what looks like the controls of some kind.This implies a knowledge of astronomy used by people too primitive to really have algebra. It also implies a return of the "gods" when the light hits those marks. If you manage to get pictures of the inside, you will have your socks knocked off big time.

Except for the Indian site, all the previous sites have one thing in common. In each one, somewhere hidden in the ruins is an altar whose dimensions perfectly match the bottom of the Ark of Covenant described in the Old Testament and the various holy books of the Christians, Jews and Muslims. As I have often pointed out, they are just sects of a single religion not three separate ones.

So what is this Ark? From all appearances and descriptions, it is a power source and/or a communications device. All three sects agree that the "gods" that left it will be back for it. 

What does this have to do with the Middle East and our constant invasion at the behest of Israel's good old Rothchilds? Well, the Ark isn't in Jerusalem which any idiot should have know as it was stolen from Solomon's temple by his son and supposedly transported to Ethiopia (where Lucy, our original ancestor was found) to reside those nifty temple plug-ins...but, it's not there. The altar is empty.

A bunch of priests in Lebanon supposedly guard it in a tiny church but I seriously doubt it is there and my conclusion probably echos theirs. You wouldn't take the same route back after stealing it from Ethiopia that your son took taking it there. But there is another route that is almost all by water and even larger bodies of water. That makes it so much easier to escape other boats chasing you. You head out into the Arabic Sea and go around the other way landing in Iraq and traveling though Syria. But if you didn't make it, you might have crashed or decided to go overland via Iran because we have already searched Saudi Arabia years ago. Oh my, that sounds just like the current war map, doesn't it???

I wonder if the current push might have something to do with the coming Winter Solstice of 2012.

Let me give you their perspective in case you are smarter than them, which isn't that hard. He who owns the Ark of Covenant can claim to the "gods" they have been protecting it and keeping the "faith" thus getting all the nifty rewards from the "gods" including the power of life and death over the rest of the planet and maybe transport off the planet they have ruined with loads of gold, providing the "gods" are as dumb as they are.

The gods aren't dumb. They came here to mine gold as is evidenced by the "landing sites" being near huge deposits of gold and rare minerals. They aren't going to give you what they want. If they were going to take you with them, they would have done it generations ago. And why would they want you? Have they run out of pets? Why would they even care who has the ark? They have most likely got a storeroom full of them. All it is doing is giving them a beacon back to the planet. Why so many placed around the planet in an almost straight line? The earth rotates. Those are landing sites not sacred locations. I wouldn't be on my knees there unless you want to be squished when the ship comes back. Why would they share their technology when they took it with them the first few times? 

Face it zealots, they came down, built landing sites, mined the gold, played with the natives for fun and games, took what they wanted and left with everything but the beacons they had installed on every major continent. We do not know how gold or oil for that matter is created. It may grow. It appears in veins. We really don't know if new ones are being "grown" from the center of the earth. They may know how long it takes for a good crop and they will back for the harvest. Or maybe they just reached the weight limit on their ships and are now coming back empty after selling their cargo. You aren't even good slave labor as they had to use their own to build those landing sites. You just did the cleanup in the morning. They aren't going to give you anything but a hard time and they certainly have no need to negotiate with you. They can take what they want. The test for most spiritual keeper of the faith is not going to be who is holding on to the beacon as the beacons seem to be radioactive and poison those who hang around them. That people is the measure of who is the most stupid.

By the way, you might want to know where the largest new reserves of unmined gold are. They are on the continent we are trying so desperately to exploit and "whitewash" with waves of propaganda about how the current dictators aren't as bad as they were last week: Africa. Gee whiz, anyone want to take a guess where Ethiopia is? Right after we invade Iran and don't find the Ark, I guess we'll have to head through Africa, because after it was taken to Ethiopia, maybe someone moved it further south.....After all, we ARE Israel's Rothchild Zionist's mercenaries.

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