Monday, August 13, 2012

Those that Criticize, Can't

The actual quote is "those that can't do, teach." It refers to often known fact that people who cannot make it in a particular profession often become teachers where they do their best to stifle any student that shows promise. It was then corrupted to mean people who couldn't write or act, became critics. Let me tell you, there are more critics than doers.

Once of my Facebook friends was actually unfriended for promoting his book in his OWN group. Yes, you read that right. So, he started a group for people to promote their work. I was really reminded of this last night.

It took me two hours to insert an Amazon link for a product into my 2 other blogs, the Druid Kitchen and the Cats' Tail Tales and I couldn't do it the way I wanted.

Anyway, I know there will be the usual. "oh she just writing this to make money, look at the links to products". Well, the product on the cat page sells for $1.19 and the one on the kitchen page for less than $20.00. The maximum I can make is 15% and that is after two hours work. The reason for the ads is to show you the toy my cats all love and you can go down to Pet Supermarket and buy it (They don't give me a penny for advertising them) and the butter keeper I was trying out. I don't steal pictures unless I give credit and that credit happens to have my link embedded in it. Big whoop! I'll probably need a armored truck to get my commission to the bank.

But one of the interesting comments one person made about the Pagan community is that they are so very allergic to self promotion and it is probably the reason they are all so poor. Hey, that slammed the old nail on the head with a sledge hammer. I think it just comes down to jealousy. If you think writing a book is so very easy, do it. I am pretty sure that will cure you. If you think every little thing should have a reference, start researching things. Two days later, you will never want to see a reference again. In professional writing, there are guidelines for what you reference and from the criticism I've seen, I am very certain no one has ever read them.

I go out of my way to help other writers. I review books and even publish the reviews. Sometimes, I am pretty sure the person is not feeling that warm and fuzzy toward me, but I used to review book professionally and I am not lowering my standard of review to gushing worship. I also buy the books I review unless the publisher sends them to me and we have a professional relationship. I review books no one asks me to review.

I simply love to read. I check out the books referenced in groups, but I have to admit I am so disgusted with most of the Facebook groups, I delete the comments when they arrive in my email box without even looking at them. For me, this is a treasure chest just waiting to be discovered. For everyone else it seems to be a personal affront.

Hence I have just one thing to say: Get.Over.It.

The whole 'you can't sell your psychic services' began in England because the laws read that if you sold psychic services you could be arrested and jailed, but if you simply took a donation, you were legal. This thing was overturned sometime in the 50's or 60's. It has no metaphysical basis in reality. It has a legal basis in keeping you out of the Hoosegow. Look that word up because I'm not referencing it for you. Giggle....

The bottom line is that everyone sells their services from the kid working at McD's to the clergy. Yes, my dears, clergy now charge for counseling, weddings and so forth. If you have a job, you are selling your services. It costs just as much for me to eat, have a roof over my head and electricity as it does you and someone has to pay for it. So, guess what? I have to sell my services and even if I win the Lotto this week.....that will hard because I'm too cheap to buy a ticket...I will still charge because I have learned one lesson the hard way. People only value what they pay for and the more they pay, the more they value it. Metaphysically I have learned a lesson that seems to be floating over a lot of people's heads at warp speed. It was eloquently phrased in a Japanese Anime series on alchemy. It is called the Law of Equivalent Exchange. In physics the law states for every action there is an equal reaction. If your services do not result in an equal exchange of "energy" or remuneration, you are drained. Energy flows. Eventually, your psychic seeks to protect you from this drain and it will strip you of the abilities that are causing the drain. All organisms seek to survive.

How many people have you seen whose job makes them sick? The worst year of my school life was 6th grade with the highlight of getting pneumonia and almost dying. The woman in charge of our class (I refuse to call her a teacher) would mark my answers wrong when they were right (my mother caught her), mark me absent when I was in class and generally tell all of us she drove in front of a train to avoid coming to school we were such horrible people. Everyone was sick in that class and the absentee rate was astronomical, but she was the wife of a school board member and couldn't be fired.

It really does work.

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