Friday, August 10, 2012

What happens when you can't even leave your home?

Please pay attention and I know that legal arguments are hard to understand. That's how lawyers stay in business. We are sliding down a slippery slop into becoming slaves and we don't even know we are being sold.

Did you know that once upon a time in this country there were no public roads or bridges? Probably not because the New "Conservatives" have managed to remove that chapter from the history books. If you wanted to cross a river, you had to pay a fee to the person who owned the bridge and if they didn't like the looks of you...well, you could just start swimming after you paid the guy who owned the river. It was the same with roads. There was no "public right of way". You had to get permission from the owner of the property to cross his land or he could kill you, legally, for trespassing. Roads were privately owned. You had to pay to travel from one location to another.

That was why the government instituted a plan with the states where they bought land from the land owner and declared it a public right of way so you could actually travel from your land to the town to get supplies and sell products. The Federal Government collected taxes in the form of Federal Income Tax and distributed this money to the states forming a partnership to build a national system of roads which allowed us to transport food and supplies from one side of the country to the other and become the most prosperous nation on earth. Our prosperity was built on one thing: transportation.

Then a wonderful thing happened called the ACA, or Affordable Care Act. It was held to be constitutional and people would at last be able to afford insurance and hence health care because, in partnership with the states, the Federal Government would return money to the states to be given to people to buy insurance. Finally huge numbers, up to 50% in some states, of people would be able to get basic health care and those states just coincidentally are Republican states.

But the issue is not dead and the constitutionality has turned out to be a victory for the Republicans and not for the ACA or it turns out Medicare, Medicaide, special education, general education, roads, airports or bridges or any program that is administered by the states using Federal Money. The real reason the ruling was made was to allow the Republican controlled states to challenge the legality of the public partnership between the Federal Government and the States.

Let me explain this simply. The Republican states are saying the Federal Government has no right to set up the voucher program in their state to give you money to buy insurance but has every right to fine you for not having insurance. The Federal Government has no right to force them to take any Federal Dollars and use them for anything or to come in and set up any program using Federal Dollars.

Those FEDERAL DOLLARS pay for roads, bridges, sidewalks, drainage, water, sewer, schools, small business loans all the way to regulating how much your bank can charge you in fees and interest in partnership with the STATES.

If this legal challenge is allowed to proceed, and make no mistake, it is proceeding, you will not be leaving your yard without paying a fee. The infrastructure (roads and bridges) are crumbling. Without Federal Dollars administered by the STATES...just like the ACA (Obamacare)... they do not get repaired which allows the STATES to condemn them in the interest of public safety and sell them off to the favorite bidder. That bidder now owns your street and can charge you to use it just like I can rent you a room, they can rent you a road, a bridge, an intersection, a sidewalk, so much drainage from your property, and so forth. The man who owns the property, no longer a public right-of-way, can now charge rent for the electric pole sitting there or going across his property..all these power, cable and telephone lines sit on public right-of-ways which will be sold off. Can you imagine how much you will pay for electricity after paying everyone for the rent on the land the poles sit on to get it to you? Can you imagine going out to dinner and having to calculate the tolls on a dozen roads to get there? If you can't pay the toll, you aren't going to the grocery, the doctor, school or even to work. The ambulance isn't coming to get you and the fire department doesn't exist any more. All hospitals are now private. Pay in advance or don't bother coming.

Public Schools are administered just like the ACA (Obamacare). If this holds up in court and it will because the Conservatives own the court system now, there will be no public schools but since you can't afford the tolls to get there it doesn't matter.

Like your Internet? How are you going to get it? There will be no post office to deliver those packages and UPS and FEDEX and the rest will be adding the cost of those tolls to your delivery fees. Do you really think you will be able to afford anything? What happens when the cell phone companies have to pay to get to their towers? Unlimited minutes and internet....start laughing. That is soooo not happening.

What are you left with? Well, another chapter in history the Conservatives have removed from your history books: the Factory Town. Before all these public works, there were huge factories, with no labor laws, no safety laws, and no pollution laws. These wonderful bastions of Capitalism hired you and you came to work in THEIR town. You rented your room in their apartments. You bought your food, clothes, shoes, everything from their store. You bought your medical care from their doctors whose objective was to get you back on the line. Your children were put on the line as soon as they could do anything of value (at around 3 years of age) in the factory and trained just enough to do the job. Ah, but what happened if you or your kids got sick and couldn't work. What happened when you were too old to work. You got your pink slip, packed your cardboard box if you had one and you were deposited on the other side of the huge iron gates that guarded the entrance to the Factory Town, broke. There was no unemployment insurance (another Federal/state cooperative program), no Social Security, no pension, no retirement, nothing. All you had were the clothes on your back.

These Factory towns sold your products to the more socialist cities that had private homes and public roads and schools until the Unions managed to organize and force them to break apart and stop calling their slaves workers.

This is what is about to happen, people.  What is left of this country will become a Factory State. You will have no rights. There will be no "safety net". You will work until you die or become disabled and then you will die. It is that simple. Now read this article and get it through your head that this Tea/Republican/Libertarian Party intends to over throw the Federal Government and enslave you. That is their goal. You are getting NOTHING out of this deal. They are the coming police state. There will be few survivors.

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