Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It Was a Crooked Little Town

Since most of the principals are dead, I can name names.

Many years ago when I was a teenager, I lived in Hialeah, Florida. This little town was ruled by the chief crook of all times, Henry Milander. It was a standing joke that before entering his office, you put your wallet in your front pocket. For those too young to get that, the act makes it harder to pick your pocket.

I seriously doubt if there was fund he didn't raid or a relative or crony that didn't get paid off with an overpriced city contract. There was thing about old Henry. If you went to City Hall, his office door was open. You didn't need an appointment. He'd see you as soon as he got a chance and always before he left for the day.

If you went in and told him you couldn't find a job, your kid was sick and you needed help, and if the only thing open was sweeping the sidewalk with a broom, you had a job and insurance for your kid. And on the way out, you were reminded to vote for him next election. That's how he stayed in power for years. He might have been a class A crook, but he took care of his people and if you lived in Hialeah, you were his people.

I encountered many politicians in my line of work which was a courier to be polite, and I remember what had to be the worst of the worst. When you were in my line of work, you were all three monkeys and invisible. His aide was suggesting a really radical plan that would have put a lot of people out of work if he approved it and take their houses. I remember him pushing his glasses down his nose and looking over them at the young man. He said, "Son, those are the people that pay your salary and don't you ever forget it. I will not hurt the people that put me in office." That was the end of it. He might screw you royally in a business deal, but he was not putting you out of your home, your job or your life.

Unfortunately, that is the world so many people my age and older remember and equally unfortunately, it no longer exists.

Politicians don't care what happens to you once the vote is in and even before. I am so dismayed at the policies being presented I could vomit.

How can you tell people to tighten their belts when 1/5 of the population couldn't buy enough food last week in this country and 1% control practically all the wealth?

How can you call poor, unemployed people lazy welfare queens when 40% of the richest of the 1%, the Waltons, don't pay their Walmart employees enough to eat and they have to get food stamps?

How can you flat out give money by the billions to the oil companies when they are making record profits and take that money from schools and vital services?

How can you tell people who have spent their lives paying into Social Security that they are leeches on society and you are going to raise the age for receiving it to 72 when most of them will be DEAD?

How can you even justify turning Medicare, that we all paid into, into a voucher system that will give seniors a check to buy private insurance that has been going up 15 to 25% per year when you know there is no way they will be able to afford the premiums?

How can you tell the Post Office it has to have 75 years worth of pension money in the bank to be solvent?

The Republican Party is dismantling not just the government but this country. They are not just throwing the elderly and the weak and disabled to the wolves, but anyone who doesn't belong to the 1%. And no one seems to actually care as long as American Idol and Jersey Idiots is on TV and they can afford cable or satellite.

Well, I have a newsflash for you.

You aren't going to be able to afford cable and satellite and antennae sucks big time. I know. I have it. After this election is over, they don't care of you ever watch FOX again. They don't care if you have internet to slurp up their cute Memes.

They have everything...the whole board's over. There is no need to feed you. No need to teach your kids. No need to take care of grandma. There is no need for you. They have more money than they could spend in ten lifetimes. Everything they want is manufactured overseas. They have their greenhouses, They have their private doctor and hospital. They have their private security force. They have their little chopper and armored Hummer. They have their tailor and seamstress. They have their beautician, barber, manicurist and masseuse for their pets.

You aren't even amusing. why bother keeping you alive? You are subhuman. You are stupid...I voted for them...proof positive.

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