Friday, August 31, 2012

Why The Lie?

The Republican National Convention is being described a train wreck for the truth. Speech after speech was made repeating the same well known lies over and over to the point their own bought and paid for media began jumping ship. Devoid of journalist integrity, these Foxbots finally could no longer embarrass themselves by pretending to be journalists and sail on the ship of lies that has been so proven false it should have spontaneously combusted.

But the question of the week has to be WHY?

Romney had the delegates to win the nomination. All he had to do was make his acceptance speech and move onto continuing campaigning. The odds of him losing the nomination were small......BUT THERE.

Then, WHY the LIES?

What you saw was a demonstration of the new order of the new Republican Party and you didn't even notice because the LIES were so BLATANT you focused on THEM and not the complete disregard for the democratic procedure of producing a candidate. See, I just did it to you with that sentence. I bet you can't tell me what I really said.

I am not fan of Ron Paul, but everyone totally missed the mark on what happened there. Let me explain what used to be the DEMOCRATIC process of choosing a REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC candidate because it died this week. Delegates would arrive at the convention pledged to a candidate with their candidate. Keep in mind this was before computers, powerpoint and word processing. All of this had to be done by hand by people with a cadre of typewriters that didn't have spell check or self correct. There were no dinosaurs involved.

Each candidate, whether he had one vote or a thousand, had his moment on the stage to state his position and thank his delegates for their people's support. It was loud, emotional and fair because every candidate no matter how whacked had given it their all and in the end, each one would get a plank in what was to be the platform. The winner got the majority of planks. The losers often got nothing more than lip service, but they got that.

And then vote was taken, one by one, each recognized and tallied. Delegates, though pledged to a candidate, could "vote their conscience" or jump ship and go with another candidate. Until the votes were finally tallied there was room for the popular candidate to go down in flames.

The Republican National Convention was the most formal, nitpicking, stick to the rules and protocol production of the two. Yes, there was partying bordering on rioting, shouting matches and even a couple of fist fights, but the BUSINESS OF THE CONVENTION WAS ELECTING A CANDIDATE and creating a platform for the campaign.

The week, the delegates for other contenders were told to STFU, sit down and smile sweetly at your lord and master we have chosen for you. The contenders were told they could give a speech praising the lord and master we have chosen for you and HE will vet your speech to make certain it is acceptable to HIM. The convention itself was a Praise the LORD and master we have chosen for you and bow down to the BUSINESSES we have chosen to PRAISE your new LORD and master as they deliver their speeches of adulation and endorsement.


You have non-delegates giving speeches endorsing a person who is NOT yet THE CANDIDATE! The candidate doesn't exist until the final tally of votes. WAKE UP! Democracy even in this Republic DIED this week. You have seen the face of the New Republican Order and you were so focused on the LIES, you didn't even notice.

And that was the plan.

NOW, will you allow this to continue through the election, blindly follow the talking points and blatant lies or will you realize that a dictatorship has been installed in what was the Republican Party and is running for the office of President and Congress? Do you see the policy of OBSTRUCTIONISM for what it really has been for the last two years? It is an installation of a dictatorship in the Republican ranks where a Congressperson is no longer free to say, "Hey, you know what, this is not what my people elected me to do," but instead has to lockstep or in their case goosestep to the party line.

The primary foundation of a Democracy or a Republic is the freedom of its representatives to represent their electors and their conscience and not a governing party.

That is no longer true in the Republican Party. It was proven in Congress for two years and it was nailed shut in a coffin and delivered this week in Tampa.

Democracy is dead in one half of the two party system and a dictatorship has replaced it. The really sad part is, you don't yet know who is running it. Is it really the Romney/Ryan ticket, the Koch brothers, a consortium of corporations, the military (who has the most to lose this election) or something behind the curtain we have yet to see? You will probably never know until the last moment. But I can guarantee, whatever is behind that curtain is something you don't want to see.

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