Sunday, February 22, 2009

Forecast for 02-23-09


Astrological Source: Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide.
Astrologically, aside from annoyance with rules, regulations and paperwork, this is nice day. You’ll find ways to make your work count and to help others. The evening is dreamy and romantic. The veil is thinner tonight so mediumship is accentuated.

As you know, I spent the day at the Renaissance Faire. Thus the forecast is a little abbreviated as I am exhausted. One thing I will assure you, I never reincarnating into a time without air conditioning and indoor plumbing. That is a rule!

I started the day with Bitwit attached to my costume. She was riding out on the back of my dress when George finally untangled her, at least three times! Bitwit does not give up. The rest of the cats totally ignored me. I saw some interesting things at the Faire.

A group of green Fae went by and the last one was holding a sign that said, “You can’t see us.” That was news to me as I was pretty sure I was looking at them. Then an Troll came by and he was a handsome one.
I do admire the person in that costume considering I was melting in a very loose dress and he was completely covered in a huge latex suit and it was one heck of a suit! I saw a red Nessie and here I was pretty sure she was green. Maybe I had too much Scotch that night in Scotland but I swear she was green. Then there were the two sword fighters that Bitwit could beat but she does have ten knives. I fell in love with the pickles. Darn that was a good pickle! I also learned that if you run out of mayonnaise, do not substitute Chipote Mayonnaise if you want to live. I lost my antacids somewhere and sure did miss them.

We all worked our little arses off but it was fun. I stayed to my little tent and spent no money, except for the pickle, of course. So the cats will eat another week, but I am tired. I’ll be back tomorrow with a full forecast. Tonight, I shall nap as the Kitwit surround me and sniff all the wonderful smells I brought back on my person.

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