Sunday, March 15, 2009

3 Quick Predictions for three people

I don’t normally have prophetic dreams about people I do not know. This morning I had three in rapid succession. You have heard the statement: 6 degrees of separation. Someone reading this blog is connected to these people, so pay attention. If it seems to resonate with someone you know, give them the information. Otherwise, just consider it entertainment but I would feel awful if something happened to someone because I didn't pass the information on so you get to read it.

1. A woman who works from home has a Bouvier Des Flandres dog. I could actually pronounce that in the dream. She may think someone has broken into her home but she has no proof. Listen carefully. She stores credit card information from her customers on her home computer. Get it off there. Erase it and transfer it to a zip drive. Do something. They are after that information, any money she has laying around and they will seriously injure her dog. They are watching her and they know her schedule. They may even know her and her dog well enough to get buy it: Take your dog with you if you have leave in the day time! Be careful! She may not be able to prevent the break in but the damage can be minimized.

2. A second woman is aware of a crime problem in her neighborhood. She intends to open the door holding a hand gun for protection. The man at the door will be about 5’8” to 6 foot tall, neatly dressed, Short sleeved shirt, light hair, around 35+ white guy. He is going to say something like you wouldn’t shoot me. He is the criminal. Either don’t open the door or shoot when he starts moving toward you. The best policy is do not open your door no matter how nice or benign the man looks on the other side. Never have a gun unless you intend to use it and know how. It will be used against you.

3. Darryl is the man’s name. You are at work on Monday or Tuesday. All I could see is you answer the phone, are talking for a moment, start to choke or something and fall to the floor or ground and no one can see you. You can’t call out. So, when you answer the phone, tell the person where you are immediately and try to stay near people at work. Once again, I only have the first name and the fact that this person is healthy and they have no reason to suspect they will have a health problem. So all the hundreds of Darryl’s out there: be careful on Monday or Tuesday. It can’t hurt.

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Ravy said...

Wow! glad none of them ring a bell for me! thankyou though!