Friday, July 3, 2009

Forecast and Faery Finder for 07-04-09


Forecast and Faery Finder
by Janice Scott-Reeder and the Bitwit

According to Llewellyn’s Spell-a-Day Almanac, today’s color is Black and the incense is Sandalwood.

Happy 4th of July!


Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.
Today’s Tarot Card is the Two of Wands: domination. This is not the day to agree with everyone just to keep the peace. You really are entitled to your own opinion. When in a position of leadership, remember to not take advantage of others.

Astrological Source: Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide.
Astrologically, for the next couple of days any mention of change is liable to get you snapped at. This is not a good day. In the morning there is irritation with things at home. The evening finds you trying to break free of limitations you just can’t take any more and that results in reaping a not to nice reward. This is definitely the evening to get a traffic ticket so keep that in mind.

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say raise your standards or expect to repeat the same old, same old.

Today’s Cat Comfort card is The Cat with Nine Lives. “Fortune is on your side. Take some chances.”

Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for the Singer of Initiation. This is the tester as we pass from the old to the new. His purpose is to make certain we are ready for the next step in life, or we return to old stuff to get it right. If we pass, triumph and a new level awaits us.

Today’s Lo Shu Number is 8 and the Element is Metal. The Dragon finds conflict today. This is not an auspicious day for haircuts, writing, gambling or construction.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “Any difficulty I might have with people in my life tells me that I have not succeeded in communicating through ordinary means. I ask the Supreme Being to send Light in this situation. I stop talking about this problem. I know that Divine Love is now in action. Everything is working out quickly, easily and successfully.” Annie Marquier creating a world of peace one thought at a time.
These messages are helping so many people that I am setting each day’s card up in a psionics generator so you can tap into the energy during the day. Just think of a rainbow and the energy will come to you.


It hasn’t exactly stopped raining but it is no longer a Monsoon! Maybe tomorrow.
Not being able to take any pain killers containing anticoagulants before my surgery on Thursday is the pits. So, don’t expect me to be moving very fast.
Fiona has invaded the bedroom every time the door opens. Then she runs back out when you return. I will never comprehend kitten games. Have a Happy 4th. Stay out of trouble. Eat too many hot dogs and potato salad. Clean up tomorrow.

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